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10 Reasons Why Employees Benefit From Having Product Knowledge

February 16, 2022
3 mins reading

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When it comes to a user-friendly app for staff training, Nimbly is one such platform. One of the users has proven how the app helps their store front liners build engagement with customers that drive more than a 20% increase in revenue from the previous year. The app allows employers to ingrain the importance of understanding product knowledge in employees.

Product knowledge is an essential part of staff training. Not only is it vital for marketing divisions, but it's also crucial for customer service, recruiting, product departments, etc. In the following discussions, we will explore the benefits of product knowledge for employees.

1. Helps with Upselling Other Products

Having a thorough understanding of the promoted products allows the sales team to properly communicate the value of the said product to the prospective customers. They will also convey the best features that impress customers and share how the product will benefit them.

2. Educates the Customer More Effectively

Customers will always have one question or two regarding your company's product. They will mostly rely on the support operations team. Staff with an in-depth knowledge of what your company has to offer will be able to provide detailed answers to any question in a timely and professional manner. 

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3. Boosts Employees' Morale and Motivation

An underappreciated but significant benefit of understanding product knowledge can boost employees' motivation and morale. They will be self-assured in their capabilities. They know they have knowledge of the product in mind to meet and even exceed the customers' expectations and address any problem that arises with no hassle.

4. Encourage Employees to Come Up with Innovations

Thorough product knowledge enables employees to compile various components of product knowledge into one. This will result in staff finding correlations present in the usages of multiple products, allowing them to develop new product improvements or features. 

5. Helps Employees in Dealing with Objections

It makes no difference if the source of your clients' objections is the quality or price of your product. Suppose your staff is knowledgeable of the market scenario or even your competitors' products. In that case, they will be capable of explaining why your company's product can be their best option.

6. Enhances Communication Skills

One of the most obvious perks of understanding product knowledge is that your staff's communication skills will soar. They know everything about your product to adapt to various situations without requiring them to follow the sales script you provide. The knowledge allows them to integrate numerous tactics and select the ideal one for clients.

7. Enables Employees to Analyze Competition

Understanding the products offered by your competitors is crucial. It equips you with information regarding how your business' product overtops that of your rival company, whether in terms of quality, core value, pricing, or target market. Thus, your employees will be capable of explaining the current concerns to your potential clients.

8. Helps Staff Respond Better to Professionals

It's relatively easy for your employee should sell a particular product to typical prospective customers. However, when they are dealing with other professionals, then there's a high possibility they will test your staff's knowledge. That is why it's preferable to conduct comprehensive product knowledge training.


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9. Allows Employees to Stay Relevant

Today's businesses are required to evolve rapidly to keep up with the fast-changing market. understanding product knowledge arms your employees with the resources, tools, and information to always remain on top of the newest trends. These will come together to create a convincing offer to the prospects.

10. Helps Employees Build Trust

Building customer trust is vitally important in all industries. Providing product knowledge training for employees helps them provide the customers with the most reliable information about your company's products. Knowledgeable employees deliver a more professional sales pitch, resulting in a trusted relationship between your team and customers.

How to Train Employees on Product Knowledge?

Now that you already know the significance of product knowledge for your employees, it's time for you to educate them to understand your business' products. One of the best approaches to conducting efficient product knowledge training is to employ the Nimbly mobile app.

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The app comes with a Digital Checklist feature that allows you to make a plan of product knowledge assessment for each staff you need to train in a regular fashion. The feature requires each employee to insert their selfie photo and signature, which helps you obtain more accurate data from their answer. 

With Nimbly, training your employees about every bit of your products and/or services will be much more manageable. As a result, your employees can obtain many benefits of understanding product knowledge much like already listed above, which leads to increased sales.

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