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4 Key Strategies To Take Advantage of The Omnichannel Retail

September 24, 2021
4 mins reading

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To make the shopping experience memorable for customers, companies need to combine online and offline shopping experiences. No wonder many online stores have also opened physical stores. This technique is known in the market as an online-to-offline business (O2O).

This phenomenon could also become a turning point for the brick-and-mortar retail industry. Here, you can break the prediction of the digital era being a disruption era for old players in the retail industry by implementing the Omnichannel Retail strategy.

In short, omnichannel retail is a strategy to provide an integrated shopping experience for customers, whether shopping online via desktop, mobile phone, or directly in stores.

This phenomenon can be detrimental if it is not used properly. Here are some strategic opportunities that you can do by taking advantage of this omnichannel retail phenomenon:

Online transaction analysis to personalize offline shopping experience

Switch to a new communication strategy by utilizing the technology around you to support interaction with customers. With the high intensity of technology usage, customers are now familiar with shopping activities that are efficient and easy for them.

This can be a perfect choice of innovation for retail businesses to combine their services with technology or service devices that make shopping activities easier. This step can be supported by collecting data on consumer behavior when interacting in online stores, to be implemented in offline stores. 

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Provide online promotion to use in offline stores

As you know, the online market is filled with lots of promotional offers and discounts to attract customers’ interest. Taking advantage of the data that there are still many customers enjoying sensory aspects while shopping, you can offer an online promotion that can only be used when these customers visit the offline stores.

For example, you can give or sell discount coupons on your company website or through the Fave app which can only be used in offline stores. These tips can be used to attract customers to shop directly at the store. Thus, you can increase the interaction in both your stores, online and offline, by predominantly driving customers back to your store.

Provide online order and pick up services at offline stores

This point has been done by many retail businesses. It is a service that allows you to order and pay for the items you need from home online, then simply pick up those items at a physical store. For retail businesses that start from offline stores, it is clearly an opportunity to increase customer visits to stores and the likelihood that they will buy more items.

Sometimes, however, there are some customers who do not want to bother spending time and transportation costs to pick up their purchase at the outlet, but they still want to get the item right away on the same day. In order not to lose the sales, your company can consider the same day delivery. According to research, 61% of customers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery.

Why Visual Merchandising is important for retail business - Nimbly Technologies digital Checklist

Complete the digital catalog and ensure the conformity of online and offline stocks

The principle of efficiency and practice is the main characteristic of customers in this digital era. They often feel bored quickly when they have to go around looking for certain items in the store. That is why now many customers choose to do an online research first, then come to an outlet to buy the item. 

This is because most customers are reluctant to wait at the outlet for a long time when store personnel is looking for stock, especially if the stock is empty after they come all the way to the outlet. A few customers feel embarrassed to ask a lot of questions and bother your team at the outlet. 

Thus, you need to complete your online store with a range of products and stocks available at each outlet. With online research, customers only need to search for items using the search column. They do not have to spend a lot of energy looking at your product catalog and reading your product reviews at home.

Is your retail business ready for Omnichannel?

Before carrying out the strategies above optimally, you need to prepare your offline store to the fullest. Make sure the appearance of your shop is in accordance with branding standards and that all of your outlet facilities are functioning properly.

Ensure the availability of goods and understanding of your staff about pick-up service ordered online. Do not let your efforts to promote your business online be in vain because the outlet shopping experience disappoints your customers. The following is a series of questions that you should pay attention to: 

  • Are the products displayed on your online shopping site available at the outlets?
  • Does the appearance of your outlet reflect your business branding?
  • Are all lights, signs, fitting rooms, and other facilities functioning properly?
  • Have all promotional materials been posted?
  • Are the staff at the outlet aware of the promotional programs that you distribute online?
  • Is there a long queue at the cashier?
  • Etc.

Key Takeaway

To make it easier for you to prepare a retail business with lots of needs to be prepared, you can make use of digital checklist applications such as Nimbly, so that you do not miss any aspect. In addition, you will also be able to monitor your business operation digitally from your smartphone in real-time. 

Ensure visual merchandising is employed accurately in store - 4 Key Strategies to take advantage of the Omnichannel Retail - Nimbly Technologies Digital Checklist

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