4 Ways on How Technology is Used in Restaurants to Face Post-COVID Competition

May 11, 2021

As we know, 2020 has been a year of tremendous disruption and instability, especially for the QSR industry. It is not surprising that today, in 2021, many restaurants are transforming digitally by maximizing the use of technology.

These are 4 ways on how technology is used in restaurants to face post-COVID competition:

1. Online Ordering System Will be Mandatory

Regardless of the pandemic, it was calculated that at least 50 million people have used food delivery apps by 2021. Based on the National Restaurant Association report, there was an increase of 58% of adults ordering delivery or takeout for dinner from February to October 2020.

Learning from the changes and challenges experienced during the pandemic, restaurants will invest more in digital technology to handle delivery and takeout orders. Online ordering will be the core system for restaurants to keep fielding food orders. 

2. Cloud Kitchens Are Proliferating 

A study of G2 restaurant technology in 2019 has shown trends that cloud kitchens have emerged in the pre-COVID world. Moreover, forced by such conditions caused by pandemic, the number of cloud kitchens will skyrocket.

It is also estimated that online food delivery revenue is projected to reach $28 billion by 2023. Cloud kitchen has become one of the best answers for F&B business owners to thrive in this difficult time.

3. Restaurants Adopt Marketing And Loyalty Programs

It is time for restaurants to know who their customers are, understand their behavior, and maintain their loyalty. Regardless of the pandemic, consumers want to feel special.From email marketing, restaurants can expect returns of about $ 44 for every $ 1 spent on this marketing effort. 

Therefore, building a rewards program supplemented with smart marketing campaigns is one step in attracting and retaining customers in the post-COVID competition.

4. Restaurants Pay More Attention to Food Safety And Traceability

Food safety factor is the utmost concern for customers in times of a pandemic. Likewise, ensuring food safety and using food traceability tools or software will provide peace of mind for restaurant owners and trust of customers. 

Key Takeaway

To be able to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era is an uneasy road for every restaurant. Therefore, adapting to changes quickly and leveraging digital technology are the main steps to stay competitive under any circumstance.

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