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5 Best Practices for Boosting Your Frontline Service Through Customer Frontline Solutions

January 19, 2023
4 mins reading

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Are you looking for ways to boost your company or store's profitability? A good place to start is with your customer service employees. In today's fast-paced business environment, providing excellent customer service is essential for success.   One way to achieve this is by utilizing customer frontline solutions. These solutions are designed to streamline customer interactions and provide a better overall experience for both the customer and the business.

To be able to execute this well, you will need a well-trained frontline team who can efficiently use these customer frontline solutions to deliver excellent service and reflect and reinforce positive company image and values. As a result, they will not only attract but also retain customers.

What is Frontline Customer Service?

Frontline customer service refers to the initial interactions between a customer and a business. Frontline customer service is a customer service professional or employee who has direct interaction with customers. We can find them working in various industries or businesses that include, among others, sales, marketing, retail, or dining service.

They handle queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide information about the company's products or services. The objective of frontline customer service is to provide a positive experience for the customer, establish trust and loyalty, and ultimately increase sales and retain customers.

Tasks may vary depending on the industry, but the most common tasks or responsibilities for frontline customer workers are to:

  • Greet customers who come to a store, business place, restaurant, and the like
  • Describe their products or services to customers
  • Answers customers' questions
  • Help customers with their orders, cancellations, exchanges, or refunds
  • Process payments or billing
  • Communicate with customers in person via phone, email, or message chat
  • Complete and update customers' accounts
  • Connect customers with other staff or employees
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Why is It Important?

The following are some important roles the customer frontline employee play in any organization or store.

  • They help customer retention and loyalty

If a customer feels satisfied with a certain company or store, they tend to come back.

  • They strengthen company values and brand

Their daily interaction with customers will purposely and automatically deliver your organization's values and brand messages.

  • They reinforce customers' referrals

Customers who have good experience with your service or product would gladly like to give positive reviews or even recommend it to others.

  • They boost customer lifetime value (CLV)

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total revenue of your company or store can expect to gain from a single customer over time. Increased CLV means increased revenue without the need to spend more on marketing.

  • They proactively address customers' problems

Proactive means reaching out to customers even before they know any issue exists.

  • They promote and encourage company culture and streamlined workflow processes
  • They give your organization a competitive advantage

Good or even best-in-class customer frontline service will make your company or store stand out more among your competitors.

5 Best Practices to Boost Your Frontline Service

There is a saying that "a happy employee is a productive employee." Customer frontline employees with a high level of job satisfaction tend to deliver excellent service and generate more satisfied customers. Equipping them with a customer frontline solution can help your employees deliver their services more efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of using customer frontline solutions include improved customer service, increased efficiency and productivity, and the ability to gather valuable customer data. Some best practices for using these solutions include:

  1. Tailoring the solution to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.
  2. Training employees on how to use the solution effectively.
  3. Continuously gathering and analyzing customer feedback to improve the solution over time.

The following are five (5) best practices to increase frontline employees' adoption of new technology – digital transformation, for example.

  1. Involve all employees even from the very first start
  • Make and tell a compelling story

A good story is more likely to increase their willingness to welcome the change – a new tech – cooperate, and adopt it.

  • Make sure that leadership teams and managers act in a way that agrees or follows with things they say
  • Use the power of fun incentives

Making things fun, getting recognition, and rewards from co-workers are some good examples of great incentives. They even may lead to meaningful and sustainable adoption or change.

  • Focus more on the long-term goal

Keep the momentum going on a long-term adoption by, among others,

  • Identifying the top adopters and choosing them as your communication representations and champions
    • Giving bonus points if they can even influence their co-workers
    • Determining how often you will revisit adoption metrics before rolling the new tech out. It may be daily, weekly, or monthly after deployment.
    • Continuous measurement to find any root causes of low adoption and how to solve them
    • Share your winning or success stories, both small and big ones

In conclusion, customer service is a key factor in the success of a business. Having a strong frontline customer service team can help to establish trust and loyalty with customers, which can lead to increased sales and customer retention. One way to improve customer service is by using a customer frontline platform.

Nimbly Technologies is one company that can provide such a solution. They offer a comprehensive customer frontline platform that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Additionally, they provide training and support to ensure that your team can use the platform effectively. By using Nimbly Technologies' customer frontline platform, you can improve your customer service and drive your business forward.

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