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5 Essential Things to Check in Implementing Ventilation Inspection

September 1, 2021
3 mins reading

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As one of the most crucial aspects of any workplace safety, ventilation inspection can sometimes be overlooked.

Considering that we're now living in a post-pandemic world, this procedure has been more critical than ever to ensure the safety of everyone in or related to that workplace: employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Depending on where your business is based, you need to first accustom yourself to the local regulations about conducting such a procedure.

However, we have listed all the general information you need to know about ventilation inspections, including five essential things to check and why using the Nimbly digital checklist can help you efficiently.

5 Essential Things you should check for ventilation inspection

What is Ventilation Inspection? 

Ventilation inspections is an effort to ensure the cleanliness and the work of the ventilation system.

When you regularly look after and maintain the direct calculation of airflow rates at suitable ends, you'll always ensure your ventilation system is working correctly.

This process also goes side by side with relevant documentation and authority approval at set intervals.

These days, there are many ventilation checklist tools to help business owners collect data and information regarding the quality control of their ventilation systems. These details can improve the system and prevent possible suffocation, health risk problems, and even fatality.

The Importance of Carrying Out Regular Inspection

Delving deeper into the importance of carrying out regular ventilation inspection here: first, you should know that your ventilation systems are crucial in distributing the air in your facility, and sometimes it may come infused with dust, poisonous gas, or other unwanted material.

If people inhale these in the long run, their health risk may be compromised. 

5 Essential Things to Check in a Ventilation Inspection

Here are five essential things you should check when performing ventilation inspections.

- Supply Air

Your workplace should always be supplied with fresh air, which is why a sound supply air system is crucial.

Insufficient air leading to decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide levels simultaneously may contribute to the building occupants experiencing symptoms like lethargy, difficulties of breathing, etc.

- Extract Air

Another system going side by side with supply air is the extract air system, which eliminates contaminated air from the workplace to let clean air in.

There are several options you can try here, from placing powerful filters to installing portable purification systems.

- Duct Work

Poorly insulated or sealed ducts can also pose higher energy bills. This branching network of tubes brings the air throughout the facility and usually is constructed of fiberglass, sheet metal, or other materials.

You need to make sure there's no particulate buildup in your ductwork system because it can generate dirty air and air conditioning inefficiencies.

- Air Change Rates

Referring to the speed at which the ventilation system replaces all the air inside a room, this system measures the airflow from every ventilation system inlet relative to the total volume of the space in question and is reported per hour.

Inspecting this ensures the building occupants obtain a clean air supply constantly.

- Air Filter

Probably the most popular systems used in both workplaces and homes, air filters shouldn't be substituted with cheaper ones that may be faulty or inefficient.

Ensure this system (and the four above) meet the standard to guarantee that particles are eliminated before occupants inhale them.

How to Ensure Ventilation Inspection Using Digital Checklist

A ventilation inspection may sound daunting if you're new to it, but thankfully there are many digital checklist tools you can try to help you in the process.

Besides providing you with absolute mobility, Nimbly also enables you to lower your costs, improve accuracy, and detect errors much more effortlessly. 

Generally, that's all you need to know about inspecting your ventilation systems, why it's crucial according to companies' point of view, and how Nimbly can assist efficiently.

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