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5 Important Things for a Good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

September 6, 2021
3 mins reading

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Meeting requirements and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a quality management system prepared and designed by a company.

As part of quality assurance and control measures, inspection, test and measurement activities should be planned, defined and carried out in a documented manner (ITP - Inspection and Test Plan). This minimizes the risks of products and any deviations can be detected early in the manufacturing process.

Let's take a look at what an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is and how to create one.

What is an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)?

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) can be defined as a Quality Assurance tool  in the form of a document to manage the quality control and assurance of a particular element of the construction work.

It serves as “a bridge” between Quality Assurance and Quality Control, covering activities before, during and after the process of the product realization (i.e.: manufacturing, fabrication, construction, installation).

It ensures that the quality level of the product is within the acceptable design standards and requirements. 

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The Importance of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

The main function of ITP is to guarantee product quality and ensure product functionality meets design requirements. In addition, the ITP will determine how often inspections should be carried out to prevent pipeline failures.

Verification of purchased products requires that an organization establish and implement the necessary inspections to ensure that purchased products meet specified purchasing requirements.

5 Important Tips for a Good Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)

Here are some important things that we found for you to produce a good inspection and test plan or ITP:

1. Pay Attention and Determine the Sequence of Work

Each Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) must follow the sequence of work stated in the Work Method Statement.

This will help you to identify and determine which activities will be inspected before moving on to the next activity.

2. Inspection and Test Plan Should Have Clear References

Your ITP must have a reference column that refers to the specified documents or requirements.

Clauses in certain documents can be mentioned to provide clarity.

3. Know Each Party’s Responsibilities

The three parties involved in an inspection or verification are the Contractor, Consultant or Engineer, and Client or Employer.

The responsibilities of each involved party should be predetermined based on the inspection process criteria to avoid confusion.

The inspection process shall have the inspection criteria for every Inspection and Test Plan item such as:

  • Surveillance (S)
  • Execution (E)
  • Witness(W)
  • Hold Point (H)
  • Review (R), and
  • Records (RE)

4. Inviting Client System

There should be a system inviting the Client to witness the inspection in order to provide them with timely information to view and sign the relevant forms.

5. ITP as an attachment

The ITP should clearly state that it serves as attachments to every form, check sheet and other records that need to be completed during the inspection.

Digital Checklist as A Supporting Tool for your Inspection and Test Plan

Having a document such as an ITP serves as a guideline for your inspections, ensuring that they are carried out correctly. To further assist in inspection processes, it is ideal to have a tool where you can digitalize checklists and have the results available in real time. Nimbly's digital checklist feature allows for a more simplified tool for digital checklists, and the analytics dashboard allow for real-time visibility and insights into your inspections. Request a free consultation to find out more about how Nimbly Technologies can help you with your Inspection and Test Plan.

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