A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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5 Mystery Shopping Benefits That Make It Important

February 4, 2020
3 mins reading

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Evaluating employee performance and business operations will be more optimal if you use mystery shopping evaluation. This evaluation uses the services of a mystery shopper or an individual who acts as a consumer assigned to purchase goods or services. The mystery shopper's identity is unknown by your employees who are on duty, so the evaluation data they produce will be more accurate. Not only that, here are other benefits of mystery shopping that you can get to increase your business.

Get objective evaluation results

Even though you have set SOPs for employees, it doesn't mean that the SOPs are carried out well by them. As a result, customer satisfaction can decrease. Of course, you can't do daily monitoring throughout your business operating hours. To ensure that your employees have implemented the existing SOPs, you can evaluate them using a mystery shopper.

The results of the evaluation carried out by the mystery shopper are tangible results when compared to yourself who jumped in to evaluate. In general, employees will give extra performance when supervised directly by superiors. It is different when the mystery shopper evaluates with an unknown identity. The performance provided by employees is the daily performance obtained by consumers. You can also use mystery shopper services to determine whether your customer service and business complaint procedures have gone well in various scenarios that consumers can experience.

Gaining a professional point of view

The evaluation results from the mystery shopper are not the result of individual observations alone. Mystery shoppers are equipped with knowledge about consumer shopping behavior according to their respective demographic categories, so they understand how business should be better from the consumer side. In addition, the mystery shopper is also a neutral party so that it can provide accurate data that is not biased.

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Allows competitor evaluation

Mystery shoppers can be used to evaluate the performance of their own business and the performance of competitors. When the mystery shopper is used to see how the competitor's business services are, you can get various data that can later be very useful to improve your business performance so that it is superior to competitors.

Allows objective evaluation of new products

As the business grows, there are times when new products or procedures are introduced to take the company to the next level. Even if the new product or strategy looks promising, you may not get the desired results when executed in the field. Mystery shoppers can give you a real insight into the new product or procedure.

Find employees or locations that excel

Mystery shoppers detect what needs to be improved from retail business operations and identify what services have been performed well. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of a company's operations that make fast and effective customer service difficult to achieve, companies need to appreciate employees or locations that have succeeded in providing fast and effective customer service. This award can motivate employees in other sites to provide good customer service every day.

With accurate evaluation data from mystery shopping, you can make the right decisions to improve your business to be even better. Are you interested in using this evaluation technique? To make the mystery shopping evaluation technique more accurate and seamless, companies need a digital inspection platform like Nimbly. With Nimbly, mystery shoppers can access inspection questionnaires via their mobile phones and send them directly to head office.

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