A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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5 Principles to Follow for Future Farm Leaders

July 30, 2021
2 mins reading

Table of Contents

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Have you ever thought about the future of the agricultural sector? Apart from today's increasingly sophisticated technology, the future of the agricultural sector is also determined by its leaders.

Today's young farmers face a different operating environment. Times are changing, and future agricultural leaders will face more complex challenges. The following are five principles that must be adhered to by future agriculture leaders.

Treat Everyone With the Same Respect

Managing a farm is not easy because it requires the help of others. Every agricultural activity requires good communication and coordination so that all processes run smoothly. Therefore, in interacting with each other, a future agriculture leader must respect his employees.

Good farm leaders also have to manage conflict and are good listeners to their teams. It is also important for them to set clear expectations so that the team can follow them accurately.

Maintain Good Communication

One of the keys to the success of a leader is communication skills. A person cannot be a good leader if he does not know how to treat his employees well. Building and maintaining good communication with employees will also increase their trust, ultimately leading to increased productivity.

This can be achieved by always stating their vision and mission as well as strategies clearly to the team. Then, listen and learn new ideas and potential opportunities or implications that the team may want to share. By doing this, future farm leaders can lead the team to achieve their goal better.

Always Empower Others

Leaders create leaders. A leader should not only work and govern his employees but also set a good example and motivate them to achieve success. Good agricultural leaders do not hesitate to share knowledge about agriculture, not only for work purposes but also to empower them.

Good farm leaders should also encourage and motivate their teams. They are quick to compliment and understand the teams' hard work since working on a farm is never easy. Feedbacks are also given with care to help the members of the team to grow.

Share Vision of The Future of The Farm

Agricultural leaders should believe in their vision in building their farms as well as inspiring and engaging their employees. Through sharing a vision, employees will help map out a clear path to achieving agricultural goals. That way, employees will be more involved and give a maximum contribution.

Good leaders should constantly communicate with the team of the farm's vision so that they don't focus on growing crops only. Involve them in the farms' plan so that they feel involved with the development and growth of the farm.

Every Day is A New Progress

Managing a farm will not be possible without making a plan. Future agriculture leaders must plan and determine what to achieve each week, month, and year. Every day is a learning opportunity for future agriculture leaders to improve their skills and potential.

Key Takeaway

Agriculture leaders will face a lot of challenges in the future. Therefore, they need effective strategies and principles to survive and keep the farming industry growing.

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