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7 Important Things To Check-in A Warehouse Inspection

September 8, 2021
3 mins reading

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Warehouse Inspection is an important thing in business that should not be missed. Warehouses also require extra care and maintenance.

However, there are still many companies that have not paid attention to this. As a consequence, many injuries and fatalities occur in warehouses across the world

According to a report by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in the US, the fatality rate for warehousing is above the national average for all industries. To minimize accidents caused by poor warehouse management, several things in the warehouse must be inspected. 

In this article, let’s learn what warehouse inspection is and how to carry out a warehouse inspection! 

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What is Warehouse Inspection?

Warehouse Inspection is a series of activities designed to check the condition of the warehouse, starting from the environment around the warehouse, goods, and equipment, to cleanliness, air circulation, etc. Warehouse inspection that is carried out properly will minimize the risk of accidents in the warehouse.

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How to Carry Out A Warehouse Inspection?

To perform a warehouse inspection, here are 3 basic steps you can do:

- Starting Your Walkaround

Start your inspection by walking around and taking note of anything that seems like it is not in good condition. Use checklists to make sure you don’t miss a crucial area.

- Referring to the Recommendation Provided by The Authorities

Maybe you are not sure whether the warehouse inspection you have done is good and under protocols and proper work practices.

For example, if you're in the USA, you can compare your safety program with OSHA's recommendations and see that they are in line. If you are missing anything, add it in.

- Doing an Evaluation

Whether you spot an issue in your inspection, you should put a plan into place for how to remedy this in good time. Create an action plan and schedule for making improvements.

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7 Things To Check-in A Warehouse Inspection

After understanding the 3 steps above, here are 7 key things you should check when conducting a warehouse inspection:

1. The Damage in The Building or Location

Check the windows, floors, doors, ceilings, and walls of the warehouse. Check to see if they are free of damage and note any issues if you find them.

2. Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting is very important for worker safety. Check lighting and electricity in every room from work stations, corridors, fire exits, offices, loading docks, lunchrooms, and bathrooms.

3. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Dispose of any trash and other waste that may cause a fire or trip hazard. In addition, make sure the workplace is clean and hygienic.

4. Fire Safety

Check that there are enough fire extinguishers in the correct positions and whether there is a risk of explosion if the fire gets out of control.

5. Ventilation

Beware of the dust that comes with working. Ensure there is proper air ventilation to keep your workers safe.

6.  Drainage

A warehouse should have good drainage. Make sure there are no blockages in the drainpipe and the trench is clean.

7.  Storage Racks

The storage rack should be clean and free from damage. Check their condition periodically to ensure safety in the storage area.

Utilize Digital Checklist for A Better Warehouse Inspection

A warehouse safety checklist is an important tool that can help you cover all the bases in your inspections. Of course, you don't want to miss anything during a warehouse inspection to ensure safety and minimize the risk of accidents, right?

It is time for you to switch from manual to digital warehouse inspection processes. Use digital checklists such as Nimbly to make it easier for you to monitor the warehouse inspection process in real-time and from anywhere.

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