8 Principles for Growers to be RSPO Certified

The development of the palm oil business should go hand in hand with environmental preservation. Accordingly, having RSPO certification signifying the sustainable business process is very pivotal for growers. 

The following are 8 key principles that growers should comprehend to be RSPO certified.

Commitment to Transparency

It means that growers are willing to provide necessary information to other parties regarding environmental, social and legal issues relevant to the RSPO criteria and provide management documents that can be accessed by the public.

Compliance With Applicable Laws and Regulations

Growers need to meet all legal and basic requirements that are essential for all plantation activities. In addition, land use permits must be legally demonstrable to local communities.

Commitment to Long-Term Economic And Financial Viability

Growers must have a clear management plan aiming at achieving long-term economic and financial security by taking into account the annual maintenance costs, replanting, potential expansion, and long-term sustainability certification.

The Use of Appropriate Best Practices by Growers and Millers

Growers document the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as defined in the SOP group. Growers should also have an occupational health and safety plan that is effectively elaborated, disseminated and implemented.

Environmental Responsibility And Conservation of Natural Resources And Biodiversity

Aspects of plantation and mill management causing environmental impacts must be properly identified. Growers must have plans to reduce the negative impact on the environment and maximize the use of renewable energy.

Responsible Consideration of Employees, And of Individuals And Communities Affected by Growers And Mills

The aspects of plantation and mill management leading to social impacts must be identified in a participatory manner. Growers understand internal and external communication procedures and use transparent methods to hold consultations with various parties.

Responsible Development of New Plantings

Growers are intended to understand new plantation procedures by examining environmental and social aspects in a comprehensive and participatory manner.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement in Key Areas of Activity

Growers regularly monitor and review each activity as well as develop and implement action plans leading to real and continuous improvement on key operations.

Key Takeaway

Businesses that implement a sustainable system are not only focused on profit but also have high concern for social and environmental aspects.

Understanding and applying those 8 main principles mentioned above is a concrete effort for growers to be RSPO certified. 

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