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Full Control

Gain full view of your team's activities in real time, and be alerted of any issues as they arise. Make data-based decisions quickly wherever you are.

Real-Time Insights

Gain a helicopter view across operations in tens or even hundreds of locations. Uncover trends and patterns and achieve excellence in operational execution.

Easy to Use

The App is built with frontline workers in mind. Anyone - regardless of education level - can use it, delivering quick time to value.

Digitalize and automate your SOPs, checklists and audit processes

Skyrocket your team's productivity and compliance.
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Smarter decisions with real-time insights

The Nimbly Dashboard: the central nervous system of your frontline workforce.
Collect Insights and take action at scale.

How we deliver results

Connects your entire workforce from the frontline to corporate leadership, unifying communications, streamlining scheduling, elevating task execution, and making operations hum.

Hours saved
Inspection cost saved
Increase in productivity
Hours saved/year
Operational costs saved
Increase in SOPs compliance

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Take full control of business operations

Empower your frontline workers and achieve operational excellence.

Nimbly as a Frontline Operations Software

Nimbly Technologies is the No. 1 Frontline Operations Software in South-East Asia. As it is a new software category, there are different terms used to describe Nimbly Technologies including frontline operations software, operational execution software, internal audit software, frontline collaboration software, frontline execution software, retail operations software, workforce management software, digital worker platform, field service management software and many more. Nimbly delivers to customers unprecedented visibility, worker enablement, and cost savings; helping companies offer a better and more consistent customer experience.

Nimbly serves various industries, including Food & Beverage or Foodservice / Restaurants and Coffee Shops, Retail, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Facility Management, Logistics & Distribution, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and many others.

Nimbly is a very popular Operation Software in South-East Asia, with 200 active customers and this number keeps growing. Many of them are using Nimbly for Daily Digital Checklists, Digital SOPs, SOP Compliance, SOP Automation , Inspections, Store Visits, Visual Merchandising, Operational Audits, Inventory Management, Audits and Certification, Learning Management, Digital Training and Onboarding, Safety Protocols, Issue Resolution or Case Management, Predictive Maintenance, Employee Accountability and much more.

A Frontline Operations Software for F&B

Currently top Food & Beverage companies or otherwise known as either QSRs or multi-chain restaurants are using Nimbly as their Frontline Operations Software including KFC, The Pizza Company, DQ, Janji Jiwa, Brotzeit, Fatburger, Ismaya to name a few.

Our Q3 2022 Customer Analysis Report shows after only 3 months of using Nimbly, our customers report a 26% improvement in Issue Resolution rates and a report completion rate from an average of 70% to close to 100%.

Retail Execution Software for your stores

Retail is the second largest industry for Nimbly. Companies like Primer Group, Charles & Keith, Delamibrands rely on Nimbly to consistently deliver retail excellence despite ever changing market dynamics.

According to our Q3 2022 Customer Analysis Report for the Retail Industry , after only 3 months of using Nimbly, the average time required for store visits and audits is cut by half, from 25 minutes to just 13 minutes per report per store.

What is a Frontline Operations Software?

A Frontline Operations Software is a digital platform used by organizations to help employees in the field or in stores comply with the applicable SOPs . Field employees input data through their mobile application, which is captured in real-time and accurately connected to the admin software, which ultimately translates to a comprehensive dashboard for the management. With this, the company can ensure full compliance of SOPs at all times, address issues quickly, drive continuous improvement and achieve operational excellence.


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