A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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Agriculture Technology that can help Farming Efficiency

October 28, 2021
2 mins reading

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There are many ways to make your farming activity more efficient in time, cost, or even manhour. In the era where everything will be online, we also need to think of digitalizing our farming activities to be more efficient and effective. But how do we utilize Agriculture Technology to help Farming Efficiency?

To make our farming activities more efficient and effective, we need to make some improvements by digitalizing and automating some activities, one of the examples is irrigation systems. According to McKinsey's research, the water supply will fall 40% short of meeting global water needs by 2030. With Agriculture Technology, we can enable better water management by digitalizing and automating the entire process.

5 ways to optimize operation & sustainability in agriculture with this agriculture technology

Here are some advantages of using this Agriculture Technology:

Real-time Farm Monitoring

This technology allows farmworkers to capture and send photographs of crops and soil and its GPS location and other information for quick communication. AI systems also can analyze images and deduce factors like their quality.

By this efficiency, we will be able to make sure that every activity on the field complies with the applied standards.

Track Equipment and Vehicles in real-time

Knowing the precise location of the equipment and vehicles on the field makes it easier and faster to get whenever the farmworkers need it. This will make the activities more effective and efficient in terms of times and manhours.

Remotely Tracking and Monitoring Farming Activities.

There are so many activities in the Agriculture Industry that could be more efficient by tracking and monitoring it remotely. For example, manual (or automated) activities like weeding, fertilizing, and harvesting.

This Agriculture Technology will allow us or field assessors to schedule jobs and assign laborers to tasks depending on need and urgency.

Analyze Real-time Data of the Farm

Some digital solutions can analyze pictures of soil to provide reliable, actionable information. This gives field assessors a better sense of what crops and fertilizers to use. 

Another one is AI-based solutions that provide predictive analytics like weather forecasts and plant disease forecasts. The predictive data from the farms can be used to take proactive measures.

Track Farming Issues Effectively

Another benefit of using Agricultural Technology is to maintain the quality of farming activities. Handling problems in the field of Agriculture may take a little time because the location in the field may not be easily accessible.

By utilizing this technology, farmworkers in the field can perform real-time problem reports via their mobile phones, or management can identify problems remotely by analyzing evidence images on inspection reports. We will be able to know the field conditions, and also, we can directly assign the relevant person or labor to handle the issue in one dashboard.

All in One Solution for Agriculture Operations

One of the Agriculture Technology that you would consider is Nimbly. It's an all-in-one mobile solution for business operations. Digitizing your Standard operating procedures for your Agriculture will make your operations more efficient and effective.

Nimbly will help you digitize your manual checklist of SOP into your mobile application. The management can monitor directly through the Nimbly Dashboard about everything that happens on the field.

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