Reasons Why You Need to Bid Farewell to Paperwork [Infographic]

Wasting your time in finding the right data amongst the huge pile of paperwork is not fun, and not efficient in the very least. Here are 3 reasons why you should ditch paperwork for good.

#1 Lost Time & Employee Costs Reduce Productivity

Over 40% of workers surveyed spend at least a quarter of their work week on manual data collection and data entry.

Extracting the data from manual paperwork into a spreadsheet or report could take up valuable time and reduce the productivity of your employee. With digitized paperwork, you can put your employees' time to better use on other tasks.

#2 High Paperwork Costs Hurt Your Profit

How many photocopies are your staff making every month? How much do you spend on paper, printing cartridges, and photocopier maintenance? How much room in your office is taken up by filing cabinets?

Altering the digitized process can play a role in decreasing the cost of paperwork such as mailing, storage, stationary costs. It is also a preventative measure to avoid data loss and data security issues.

#3 Restricted Access Slows Down Operational Process

Manual paper processing takes up a lot of time and unless multiple photocopies are made and mailed to the respective employee, access to paper records can be restrictive, causing halt in information sharing and action taking.

The paperless system speeds up the entire process and provides real-time access to data from any location. Thus, enabling the management team to monitor business operations anytime, anywhere, and allowing the management team to implement corrective action faster.

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