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EFG Case study in using Nimbly

Express Food Group's operational strategy in the Covid era

Food & Beverage

Case Study
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Quick Service Restaurant

Company size:

1,500+ employees spread across 3 countries

Use cases:

Stock Check
Operational Excellence


Long wait for issue resolution
Daily store audit takes too long
Difficult to monitor and manage multiple stores across 3 countries

About Express Food Group:

EFG is majority owned by RMA Group Thailand, with minority holdings by Lombard Investments Thailand and local shareholder partners in Laos and Myanmar.

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Report Completion Rate
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EFG is the partner of choice for leading F&B brands in Southeast Asia - such as Minor Food & Food Passion Group, and North American brands - such as International Dairy Queen, Krispy Kreme, and Texas (Church's) Chicken. Headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, EFG Holdings currently has more than 1,500 employees spread across 3 countries – Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.

Annually we are able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours by using Nimbly to run operations across our outlets covering multiple brands and countries.

Martin Darby

Managing Director


COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges they had to overcome to date. The economic downturn, lockdown measures, and dine-in restrictions are causing excessive losses. Due to the rapidly evolving business environment in the past years, EFG was forced to respond quickly and maximize the agility of its operations.
The heightened restrictions in several countries made it difficult for management to monitor the situation directly and effectively manage the QoS in each store.
Store managers must perform daily audits consisting of hundreds of new COVID-related questions which could take up an additional 60 min/day.
EFG has to be able to regularly and quickly monitor on-site conditions for their 94 stores spread across 3 countries and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
The situation has resulted in a decrease in revenue in all managed stores. EFG required an operational strategy that leveraged technology to automate processes and enhance efficiency.


One of the key strategies for EFG was to digitalize the manual operation processes.

  1. Digitalizing the Checklist / Questionnaire with Nimbly helped EFG achieve high report completion rates consistently across all stores of 94%. Store Managers can easily open their digital checklist through their smartphone and complete their report in mere minutes.
  2. The Geo-Location feature is required when the Store Manager fills out a digital checklist which requires the Store Manager to be at the specific location at a predefined time.
  3. Moreover, to ensure that the Management Team has an objective assessment of the audit report, the Store Manager uses the Live Photo & Video feature to include as evidence, especially important for unique issues.
  4. The Management Team can also monitor all Issues with the Issue Tracker feature helping them resolve them quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  5. Finally, the Management team can have a helicopter view of all operations including the issues and their status via the Analytics Dashboard.


Report Completion Rate
Report Completion Rate
Elimination of Paper

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