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General Merchandise Manufacturing

Company size:

16+ production sites

Use cases:

Routine inspections
Real-time insights and reporting
Inbound & outbound logistics


No predetermined checklist and inspection schedule
Reporting is subjective
Delays in delivery
Difficulty in monitoring employee activities

About Astari Niagara:

Astari Niagara is the first and largest picture frame manufacturer in Indonesia. With over 40 years of dedication and experience, we have built a sound reputation worldwide for our high-quality innovative products, operational excellence, and commitment to continuous improvements.

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Completion rate of scheduled audits
Compliance to SOPs
On-time issue resolution
Established in 1980, Astari Niagara is the first mass manufacturer of wooden picture frames in Indonesia. With a factory area of 33,000 m2, Astari can produce about 750,000 pieces of frames per month with sophisticated and high-quality product designs.

We achieved consistency, transparency, and control of our teams and processes. We enabled real-time issue notification with predefined rules and alerts, automating the lifecycle management of incidents.

Livia Geraldine

Chief Marketing Officer


To support the company’s ambitious growth plans, Astari needed to achieve consistency, transparency, and control of all management and staff. Astari realized that digitalization is imperative.

The field team needed to check hundreds of tasks every day to ensure Astari's production complies to regulations and SOPs. The absence of predetermined checklists and inspection schedules made the process prone to error. Missing just one part could have a severe impact.
The team must report even the smallest problems in the field immediately. Previously, reporting was done ad-hoc, verbally or via spreadsheets. The reporting was not just more subjective, but the delivery was also delayed.
With a large factory area, monitoring every team member manually was close to impossible. It was a big challenge for managers to ensure tasks were fully completed and adhered to the company’s standards, and that the reports were delivered on time and accurate.

After a few attempts of building an in-house solution, the company realized that it would be best to invest in a proven platform.


While Astari considered building their own audit system, at the end the company decided to implement Nimbly to cover their audit needs. Everything from training to hosting to maintenance can be handled by Nimbly, allowing the company to focus on their business.

  1. The team’s schedules and the questionnaires are recorded in the Nimbly App accessible via the field personnel’s smartphones. After using Nimbly, the audit report completion rate rose to 97%.
  2. Nimbly's customizable digital checklists allow the Astari team to include their entire area in their periodic checks. Currently, five departments are included in Astari's routine inspections, including Health Safety and Environment (HSE), Human Resources, Information technology and Maintenance.
  3. Problems found during the inspections such as machine failures are automatically recorded in the Issue Tracker and automatically assigned to relevant parties for immediate resolution. Findings are more objective, and most issues can be resolved before external audits are done.
  4. When there is a need for inventory or machine repair, the team in the field is required to attach a live photo in their inspection report. As a result, the needs can be quickly validated processed by the Finance team.
  5. The Management team monitors 3 areas of the team's performance: the number of reports completed, reports missed, and issues resolved. Using the Nimbly dashboard, the team gains full transparency in real-time and can make data-based decisions at a whim.


Completion rate of scheduled audits
Compliance to SOPs
On-time issue resolution

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