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PUTIEN has successfully achieved 95% of checklist completion rate

Case Study
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Casual Dining Restaurant

Company size:

80+ outlets in East and Southeast Asia

Use cases:

Digitalized questionnaires
Robust validation with photos & videos
Compile data and monitor KPIs
Real-time issue resolution


Too much time spent on in-person store visits
Issue resolution too complicated
Data compilation not standardized

About Putien:

A Singapore brand serving Fujian cuisine with the freshest ingredients. From its humble beginnings as a coffee shop along Singapore’s Kitchener Road in 2000, to more than 80 outlets in East and Southeast Asia.

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time used to work on checklists saved
of employee transportation costs saved due to overtime
completion of the opening and closing checklist
Putien is a one-Michelin star restaurant from Singapore that was established in 2000. Strict implementation of SOPs at each outlet is mandatory to ensure that every food served and every service provided is high quality.

Nimbly allows us to receive information and reports from outlets in real-time, making internal communication more efficient.

Andri Irawan

Operations Manager


To serve dishes that are inherent in cultural heritage with high quality, Putien needs to pay attention to every aspect, from food preparation to customer service. To that end, Putien's management implements strict SOPs at each outlet. Previously, the inspection of SOP implementation at Putien outlets was done manually using pen and paper.

Each Store Manager takes 30 minutes every day at opening and closing time to complete an inspection with 180 questions covering the back of house (BOH) & front of house (FOH) area.
When a problem is found at the outlet, the Store Manager takes a photo as validation and sends it to the WhatsApp coordination group.
The Operations Manager takes 2-3 hours per week to compile data from various sources such as manual checklists, WhatsApp and emails for weekly meeting reports.

With so much time wasted, and the high costs incurred for checking and reporting both directly and indirectly, Putien needs technological assistance to save time and costs.


Nimbly provides digital solutions for the needs of implementing Putien's SOP. With Nimbly, all line checks at Putien have become digital. Line checks only need to be done using each staff member's mobile phone.

  1. The digitization of the questionnaire allows specialization of the line check area to be applied, increasing inspection coverage in less time.
  2. Staff are required to take photos during the inspection using Nimbly’s Live Photo feature as a form of report validation, making each report honest and accurate.
  3. Nimbly's Analytics Dashboard makes it easy for the Putien Management team to compile data and monitor KPIs, eliminating the need for the team to generate weekly reports manually.

With these changes, the Management team can focus their attention on taking corrective action, compiling preventive action plans, and making other important business decisions based on data.


time used to work on checklists saved
of employee transportation costs saved due to overtime
completion of the opening and closing checklist

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