Delivery and Takeout Stats for Your Restaurants’ Next Strategies

March 29, 2021

Delivery and takeout orders have been increasing significantly since the COVID-19 started. We have summarized a couple of insightful statistics that you can use to base your restaurants’ next strategies. Check it out!

Changes in number of orders.

12% increase in the number of orders on weekdays, 18% increase in the number of lunch orders, 3% increase in the number dinner orders

As “weekend” loses its meaning, study shows that people order more on weekdays and lunch, completely different from what usually happens pre-pandemic. You might want to reevaluate your staff & inventories allocation.

1.3x higher chance of getting orders from new customers on the weekend.

As ordering delivery and take-out is now a part of people's everyday life, customers are taking the opportunity to try ordering from restaurants that they’ve never bought from before. These new customers place 8% more orders than average, and they tend to order higher-value items.

People prefer to order delivery from the restaurant.

A study of consumer sentiment towards restaurant delivery fees shows that people prefer to order directly from a restaurant compared to a third party service. It was influenced by the minimum order amounts, delivery fees, coupon value, and the delivery service provider itself. This study suggests that restaurants should establish appropriate framing for delivery costs.

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