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6 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement for Better Productivity

February 26, 2021
3 mins reading

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Employee engagement allows team members to be more productive without additional stress. Nimbly offers a digital tool to make work engagement easier.

Positive company culture can create better productivity without relying on overtime and other stressful methods. One of them is making a strong sense of employee engagement. When employees feel involved and valued, they can contribute to a better work environment, resulting in increased productivity.

Here is how worker's engagement improves your company's productivity, and what strategy you can implement to keep it.

Benefits of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement makes employees feel involved and valued in the work setting. They will be more compelled to cooperate and connect with others in terms of achieving a work goal. According to a Gallup poll, a positive company culture (which includes employee engagement) can increase productivity to 17 percent and reduce absenteeism to 41 percent.

When employees feel valued and happy, your company reaps the benefits. They include:

1. Better Productivity

A 2018 report by Kincentric revealed that strong engagement could improve productivity. For every five-point increase in engagement, companies show a three-percent rise in revenues.

2. Better Customer Service

Happy employees will be more inclined to behave the same way, even when facing stressful situations. It is great for companies who rely on strong customer services, especially with direct communication.

3. Better Brand Advocacy

Unsurprisingly, happy employees will have a strong connection to their workplaces. They will be more motivated to be the company's brand promoter or spreading positive words about their workplaces.

4. Higher Employee Retention

A report by TINYpulse showed that 21.5 percent of employees are likely to look for new jobs when they feel undervalued or unrecognized. Replacing employees is also expensive because the costs can take around 33 percent of their annual salary. Strong company culture will increase the retention factor.

With productivity and revenue as rewards, employee engagement is something you must invest in.

Tips to Increase Employee Engagement

Here are several tips to increase employee engagement and productivity at the same time:

1. Increase Collaboration with Online Communications

Online communications connect employees and team leaders, even if many are working from home or remotely. With convenient communication tools, everyone will find it easier to deliver thoughts, ideas, solutions, concerns, and supports.

2. Create a Fun Environment

Make sure team members feel happy and welcomed in the office environment. Create a special chat room or forum to have a casual conversation. Those working in a physical office, create a relaxing area where everyone can store food and snacks, have tea or coffee, and talk casually.

3. Simplify and Streamline Tasks

Convoluted tasks and bureaucracy can lower employees' motivation. You can use management tools to reduce steps and automate functions like data entry, for example. The password management tool is also great to simplify tasks while still reducing security risks.

4. Provide Training and Education

Training and education will make employees feel intellectually refreshed and valued. Giving them new skills can also help with cross task delegations, which can reduce workload and burnout. Virtual classrooms are perfect solutions for WFH trend or remote workers.

5. Perform Analytics to Track Progress and Goal

Steady progression toward a shared goal, complete with reports, will help employees feel more engaged. You can perform those tasks using a digital tool that automatically updates project information, complete with insightful report functions.

6. Create Work Time Flexibility

Employees who feel restricted in work methods will feel stressed out and unable to perform their best abilities. If not addressed, this will result in the feeling of undervalued and lack of engagement. Creating flexible working hours and providing remote works tools will help, especially during stressful times like pandemic.

Having the right tool can help business owners and leaders to increase engagement. Nimbly is a digital checklist tool with productivity features to increase employee engagement.

Useful Nimbly Features

Nimbly features a digital checklist system that allows teams to track the task progress, inventory, and emerging issues. The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and less-stressful work environment, allowing employees to feel more engaged.

Main features to support this engagement goal include:

  • Digital checklist system with customizable template
  • Automated report generation system for eliminating paperworks and manual data entry
  • The digitized issue tracker for better team communication and problem solving
  • In-depth dashboard analytics to provide insight for the management team.

These features increase productivity while reducing stress sources and the need for overtime works. By combining the employee engagement strategy with a tool like Nimbly, you can create a great work atmosphere and improve your business.

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