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Four Tips for Creating Effective SOPs for Visual Merchandising

October 12, 2022
2 mins reading

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Visual merchandising is the practice of displaying your product and organizing your store to drive sales, elevate your brand, and provide a positive shopping experience for customers. It covers: the store exterior, interior, layout and display.

Here are four tips for Creating an Effective Visual Merchandising SOP:

1. Ensure the SOPs are : Detailed, Clear and  Relevant

If your products change often, or if you’re always looking to evolve your brand image, your guidelines need to reflect that. Every store needs to be kept up to date with the latest brand movements and ideas.

That new line of products you’re rolling out? Where should those be placed within each store? Where specifically should the product go?

And don’t forget about seasonality. How should the layout of the store be altered for specific seasons or holidays ? 

Overall, make sure you keep procedures crystal clear for what should be displayed, where, and when.

2. Equip your SOPs with Digital Guidelines

Are you worried that your descriptions for the store layout may get misunderstood? Add digital visuals to your guidelines to help with clarity on how exactly things should be executed and how they should look.

By using a digital imagery of how the ideal store should look, you can help ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of the overall goal.

3. Consider Space Variations

Not all stores are equal. While a standalone location may have more space to house all your products, a shop in a mall might be smaller.

In your visual merchandising guidelines, make sure to explain how to handle space variations between each store. Which products should be placed together if space doesn’t allow for them to have their own sections? Which products should you display more of if you have extra space?

Giving some insight into how to deal with space variations will help store managers achieve the optimal layout.

4. Ensure VM consistency with a robust operational execution platform

In order to maintain consistency across all your stores - may it be across tens or even  hundreds of locations -  covering all aspects of VM including marketing & promotions to in-store displays ; a solution like Nimbly will be simply invaluable.

If you think of  the largest retail brands - despite having thousands of different retail locations, you know exactly where you are when you step into any one of their store locations. This can be attributed to a thorough visual merchandising  SOP and effective tools to ensure their seamless execution. 


Nimbly can help  you keep each store looking its absolute best, giving your customers the most positive shopping experience and driving up sales.

Increased Conversions

View in real-time how each store complies with display guidelines, and easily make improvements with in store merchandising when they are needed. With sharper displays, more shoppers arrive and conversions will go up.

Perfect In-Store Execution

Communicate with stores smoothly, detect inaccurate displays automatically, and make corrections easily to give each store's window displays a consistently great look.

Simple, intuitive digital guidelines that are accessible on any device, so implementing your vision is seamless and convenient.

Happier Customers

With brilliantly executed retail visual merchandising displays, customers will want to return to your stores over and over again.

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