A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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What exactly is a Retail Audit and How to make it effective

June 30, 2021
2 mins reading

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The level of success of a retail business is not only measured by how much turnover is rotating in one day of operation. A retail audit is an accurate and objective parameter that can also help you to find out how well your retail business is from another point of view.

Here are some general audit indicators that are suitable to be applied in the retail business:

  • How many sales were made?
  • How many items are in stock, both on display at the store and in the warehouse?
  • Are there items in stock that are damaged or do not meet the eligibility standards to be offered to customers? 
  • How well do you style your shop, and is it engaging your target customers?
  • Is the item displayed in accordance with the plan?
  • How are competitors running their business, what innovations have they recently made, or are there any changes in prices being set?

If these components are thoroughly audited periodically, then you will be able to do a better business mapping. Starting from how precisely the strategy to attract customer attention has been implemented to how competitive your company is compared to competitors in the market.

This article might be very useful for you now Evaluate These 4 Aspects to Improve Your Retail Business

After you know how important and what components must be done in conducting a retail audit, there are several ways you can do so that the audit activities can run effectively, efficiently, and in accordance with your business needs.

Set a suitable target

The audit target may start with the most obvious problems in your store. Do you have a tidy stock inventory? Has the promotion been running well? Decide what main issue you want to solve.

Set the regular scheduled Retail Audits

Do not let this crucial audit activity become a one-time activity without further follow-up. Determine a definite time to conduct audits periodically.

Do an evaluation

An audit is not an activity of collecting data without meaning. After collecting data about what is happening in the wheels of your business, evaluate it and make this data as the materials for making future business decisions.

Use the Right Platforms for the Right Audits

Auditing is often a troublesome activity. However, with the right tools such as online applications, this activity becomes easier, faster, and more accurate. Today's advanced technological developments can make it easier to carry out a company retail audit that was originally manual.

Key Takeaway

An audit is a pivotal process in a business that helps companies detect the supply stock including the quantity, quality, and evaluation of how the companies have been doing to attract more clients or customers. This evaluation is very important to see how much customers are satisfied with the goods or services offered.

Maximize your company's operational audit performance with Nimbly, a digital checklist that helps you identify problems, find out the stocks, and monitor business easily.  

What exactly is a Retail Audit and How to make it effective, Nimbly Technologies

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