Have You Implemented Contactless Delivery Correctly? [Infographic]

October 10, 2020

Given that the virus can stay for a while on food packaging and can also spread through physical contact between food delivery and food buyers, F&B owners has to put extra effort into ensuring that the food and beverages your staff serve are safe.

See how you can implement contactless delivery correctly on the infographic below.

Have you implemented contactless delivery correctly? [Infographic]

#1 No-touch cooking

Train your cooks on no-touch cooking procedures. Have zero hand contact with foods and use only sanitized cooking tools.

#2 Tamper-proof containers

Use the airtight and tamper-evident takeout containers. Apply a sticker that indicates the dish was prepared with no-touch procedures.

#3 Contactless delivery

Leave food at the customers’ door and ask drivers to stand 2 meters away while waiting for the customer to pick up. Clean the delivery box with disinfectant every 4 hours.

#4 Touchless payment

Avoid cash transactions. Encourage customers to use digital wallet apps or wire transfer services.

#5 Customer service

Include customer service hotlines on the food packaging to receive customer complaints. Invite customers to give tips for the hard-working staff too!

Consult how you can remotely monitor whether your staff is compliant to the health and safety protocol with the Nimbly team, free of charge.

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