7 Ways to Help Employees in Digital Transformation Process [Infographic]

In today's digital era, almost every company needs technology to facilitate and speed up business operations. There are so many benefits that your company could gain by using technology, from better company data organization to increasing employee productivity.

However, a survey from The Modern Marketplace in 2019 stated that 70 percent of companies still see digital transformation as a challenge. On the one hand, there are employees who are always enthusiastic about technology, but on the other hand, there are employees who are 'reluctant' to explore new technology.

To solve this problem,several things need to be done—in this case, by the leadership and managerial in the company—in helping employees in the digital transformation process. See the infographic below to know the steps.

An infographic about how to help employees in digital transformation.

#1 Eliminate employees' fears about the presence of technology

Let the employees know that technology is there to help them with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, not to replace them.

#2 Communicate the company's goals & plans for digital transformation.

Explain the reasons why the company chooses to use technology and what are the results the company wants to achieve so that employees can understand better and be motivated.

#3 Provide information, especially on the benefits of technology for employees.

Changes unquestionably will cause inconvenience for employees. Let them know what processes are going to change and what they need to prepare.

#4 Prepare management that is ready for digitization.

Your management team needs to understand the benefits of digitization, know the new policies of technology implementation, and also use the app themselves.

#5 Provide training for employees.

Your company needs to facilitate app usage training for your employees. Ask the software provider company if they can provide training sessions.

#6 Collect results and feedback from the digitization process.

Monitor how the digitization process is going. If your team is achieving the digitization goals, and what you can do to improve the process.

#7 Underline the successes & evaluation points to optimize the process.

Note what aspects should be maintained and need to be improved during and after the digitization process. Congratulate your employees if they go through the process successfully.

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