A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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How to Become a better Operations Manager in 4 simple steps

March 3, 2020
3 mins reading

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Operations manager contribute directly to the operational success of a business. Although this position is required to complete several tasks at once, an operational manager has one responsibility that must be fulfilled, namely customer satisfaction.

For this responsibility to be carried out properly, an operational manager must also take several appropriate ways. Here's how you can go if you want to be a good today's operations manager.

Understand consumer needs

An operations manager must ensure that customer satisfaction has been met from the service to the products offered.

Therefore, an operations manager must understand what is needed by consumers. Operational managers will automatically know what can guarantee their satisfaction by understanding what they need.

To understand consumer needs, an operations manager must know consumers better. Knowing, in this case, includes age range, gender, product preferences, service preferences, and so on. Thus, operational managers need to know the business's target customers before accepting responsibility for meeting customer satisfaction.

One exciting example is carried out by a retail company in the United States, Target. Customers have a Guest ID that records their shopping history at Target branches spread across America. Shopping activities to conducting customer surveys with the Guest ID are then converted into data to make Target's innovation easier. Such as offering special promos for specific target customers based on shopping habits that are read from the data.

Use data to identify problems

Considering that customer experience is the central business axis in ensuring the business continues to survive in the onslaught of market changes in the digital era, this element can be converted into a database which can then be used as a reference to identify the cause of the problem. A manager cannot solve a problem simply by guessing or assuming the cause of the problem. Rigid data is needed to support managers to analyze appropriately to find the most suitable solution.

By conducting operational inspections at each outlet regularly, you may be able to find patterns of the same problem occurring in several outlets at once. For example, you find several outlets in West Jakarta whose sales are below average. After browsing through the operational inspection reports, you find that the warehouse team is often late in delivering goods to West Jakarta. That way, you can fix the problem straight to the root.

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Communicate effectively

As an operations manager, you must be able to communicate effectively. This is because an operational manager works closely with various positions that directly execute business operations in the field.

To ensure that all these positions have performed their duties correctly, operational managers must communicate with them regularly. In addition, take advantage of technology to ensure all strategy execution and corrective actions in the field run smoothly and are completed on time.

In addition to communication-related to operations in the field, don't hesitate to apply a more open communication style by focusing on professional things. In addition to developing healthy working relationships, an operational manager can also get the input and information needed to take progressive and innovative steps at work.

It makes working with a team more fun but within the bounds of professionalism.

Invest in the right technology

The invasion of digital progress does not exclude the business industry. On the contrary, this industry feels the most impact from current technological advances. Being an operations manager means being involved in the progress and changes around him.

Fully aware that the business industry moves based on data about customers and markets in the current digital era. This means that an operations manager must carry out strategic steps such as investing in the right technology.

This move may sound luxurious, but it is a form of long-term investment for businesses to stay relevant to market conditions. In addition, for operations managers who work in multiple fields of work and deal with various departments at once, technology can be of great help.

A comprehensive digital operations management system has features to help your operations team collect, process, and visualize data from the field. As a result, companies no longer need to worry about entering data, asking about work progress, and processing data manually.

By investing in the right technology according to the core business needs, an operations manager can also guarantee more progressive progress.

If you want to be today's operational manager with its various demands, make sure you pay attention to the points above to fulfill your responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction. At the same time, you are optimizing working relationships with your team.

The decisions and innovation steps that you take may not be based on assumptions but on a thorough analysis of the data and the results of the effective interactions you have carried out during your responsibilities as an operations manager.

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