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How to make Operational Audit Questionnaires More Accurate

January 21, 2020
3 mins reading

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Without a straightforward audit questionnaire, you can miss out on the information the company needs. But when appropriately designed, your questionnaire will significantly assist you in determining which operational processes need to be maintained and which are not. For example, you can find out if there is equipment that is not optimal, find out which outlet areas have a higher risk of equipment damage, and understand which team can complete their work on time. Here are some tips so that your company's operational audit questionnaire results get more accurate results.

Use the right types of questions to get accurate answers

Before asking questions, you need to consider several things, namely the type of information you need, the depth of the knowledge, and the time you have to complete the questionnaire. Knowing these three factors can determine what type of question should be used to get an accurate answer.

There are several types of questions that are right for you to use in operations management: closed questions, multiple-choice, open questions (essays), scores or ratings, flags, and inventory.

Multiple choice

If you need consistent answers and your auditor has little time to complete the questionnaire, use multiple choice. This type of question makes it easier for the auditor to work on the questionnaire and easier for you to analyze the data. Plus, you don't have to think about the intent of what the respondent wrote. Add a comment field so employees can provide more information about the answer.


The auditor will be asked to assess the problem based on a predetermined topic with a score question. Questions are usually displayed on a scale. In creating scaled questions, we recommend that you use the same rating scale for all questions to compare different topics with each other easily.


In the Nimbly app only, you can use the flag question type to determine the seriousness of the problem. A green flag indicates no problem, a yellow flag indicates a need for attention, and a red flag indicates a severe issue. This type of question will make it easier to monitor the issue and its seriousness in various locations. Questions answered with yellow and red flags will be automatically listed in Nimbly's issue tracker.

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Want to know what other question types are available in the Nimbly app? Contact our team here.

Categorize questions and arrange questions in the order of the audit process

You can group questions by specific categories to make them easier to read and work with. The order of questions must also be adjusted to the audit process to facilitate the auditor's work. For example, start the questionnaire with questions about the cleanliness of the restaurant service area, then follow up with questions for the kitchen, warehouse, and so on. Make your question as effective as possible to understand.

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Include a reference photo

A saying says, "a picture can say a thousand words." Therefore, photos or pictures will be instrumental in clarifying the questions in the questionnaire. For example, if you have a planogram, include a photo of the guide so that your audit team knows which parts are following the plan and which parts need improvement.

Ask the audit team to include photos and annotate

In addition to the answer choices and comments, you can also ask the audit team to include photos of field conditions. That way, you can know the actual situation more clearly. In addition, there are usually cases where pictures or images are not very clear. Whether it's due to low lighting conditions or complicated image layout arrangements can confuse rather than clarify. So instead, use the annotation feature in the form of circles or arrows to draw attention to the area you want to focus on.

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Those are some tips for making operational audit questionnaires to get more accurate results. Are you confused about what app can help you create a comprehensive audit questionnaire? You can use Nimbly to maximize your operational audit process.

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