3 Benefits of Having Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000)

Apart from ensuring good service and delicious food, one thing that every restaurant must-have is a robust food safety management system. Without it, the food you serve might be risky and dangerous for your consumers. Besides, you’ll lose pivotal trade opportunities with others. 

Acquiring FSSC 22000 is the answer to this problem. Now, let's learn what FSSC 22000 is and how it can benefit your restaurant!

What is FSSC 22000? 

FSSC stands for food safety system certification. According to The British Standards Institution, FSSC 22000 is an internationally accepted certification scheme for auditing and certification of food safety within the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

It means that having FSSC 22000 is an achievement showing that your restaurant's food safety management system meets the requirements for ensuring the safe supply of drinks and food.

SSC 22000 vs ISO 22000? What’s the difference?

Simply put, FSSC 22000 is largely based on the established requirements of ISO 22000. However, FSSC 22000 has been recognized by food-focused groups like the GFSI. Meanwhile, ISO 22000 is not recognized by GFSI. FSSC 22000 is also more rigid because it has additional and more extensive steps. 

Benefits of Being FSSC 22000 Certified

After acquiring FSSC 22000, your restaurant's performance will be increasing day by day. This is because, in general, your customers believe that the food and beverage products in your restaurant have met the international food safety management system standards. 

The following are the 3 main advantages of having an FSSC 22000 for your restaurant: 

1.  Reducing Risks and Hazards

FSSC 22000 provides your restaurant with effective food safety hazard management by creating a safe product enabling an environment and management system to continuously manage, monitor, validate and improve the system. 

2. Improving Reputation and Retaining Customers

Consumers' trust in your certified products makes them loyal and even invites new customers to come in the future. This way, the reputation of your restaurant will increase sharply and continue to provide more value to your restaurant.

3. Expanding Market To International Level

As FSSC 22000 is the largest GFSI-recognized standard in the world, being FSSC certified will give you a great chance that your restaurant will be recognized by more people from all over the world. That way, when you are ready to market your products to other countries, the process will become easier.

Key Takeaway 

To obtain the FSSC 22000 certification, there are a lot of preparations that you have to do. However, you can always start small by ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the product in your restaurant and doing regular checks.

Leverage digital checklists such as Nimbly to help you conduct food safety inspections in your restaurant and ensure product cleanliness and safety effortlessly.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly mengubah proses audit operasi manual menjadi daftar periksa berbasis aplikasi bagi pekerja untuk menghasilkan laporan secara instan, memusatkan wawasan secara real-time, dan memastikan penyelesaian masalah secara menyeluruh.

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