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4 Alasan Penting Menggunakan Teknologi dalam Memastikan Keamanan Pangan

Mei 7, 2021
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The pandemic increases people’s awareness regarding hygiene and food safety. Over the past months, people have become more critical of the food industry. Therefore, restaurants need to perform everything they can to ensure the safety of the food they served.

If you haven't started to incorporate technology into your restaurant's operation, here are four reasons why you should start implementing it.

1. Improve Consumer’s Awareness

As previously mentioned, customers are increasingly aware of the importance of food safety. Therefore, the list of necessary precautions to ensure food safety will be longer and sometimes difficult to track. However, technology automation comes with an answer.

Technology automation can help to promote food safety by providing expiration information and facilitating proper food rotation. It is also helpful to enhance consumers' experience by providing information regarding the source of ingredients used in the menu.

2. Maintain the Implementation of Health Protocols

Washing hands is one of many important protocols to obey in the food industry. Therefore, restaurants have to ensure that all employees are washing their hands frequently and thoroughly. Despite that, keeping track of this practice can be difficult.

The latest hand scanning technology is very helpful in identifying viruses and bacteria. It can also inform the employees when they need to wash their hands.

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3. Monitor Temperature

Restaurants need to consistently monitor the temperature of their kitchen refrigerator. This appliance experiences a failure at least twice a year on average. Since restaurants' refrigerator usually stocks more than $10,000 worth of food, refrigerator failure can cause significant food waste and money loss.

Technology is useful to monitor the temperature to prevent food waste and monetary loss due to refrigerator failure. With an automated temperature monitoring system, managers will be notified once their refrigerator is out of order.

4. Track Daily Tasks

There is a daily task checklist in every successful restaurant management that helps them keep track of the important tasks. A checklist provides a quick overview of what needs to be done and whether it is completed or not. It serves as a guideline for employees.

While paper and pen checklists are common practice, it can be unreliable due to its possible inaccuracy and harder to track employee productivity. The key to the success of any kitchen is managers. They provide explanations for the completion of daily tasks and serve as a roadmap for the expectations of employees.

Hal yang dapat dipelajari

Technology is a great tool to help restaurants ensure their food safety practice. Automation will help managers to ensure reliable and smart management. This will make the managers' job easier and increasingly help them ensure that all the necessary precautions for food safety are handled.

Utilize a digital checklist seperti Nimbly to maintain health protocols at your restaurant and track daily employee tasks.

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