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4 Areas of Operational Efficiency & Excellence for Foodservice Operators

November 16, 2022
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The option to eat out more often for consumers is now more prominent, with the continuous growth of the food and beverage industry especially after the worst of the pandemic is over. Whether customers eat out for convenience, for socializing purposes, or to simply try new things, foodservice operators need to meet ever-increasing customer demands.

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What are Food Service Operations?

Foodservice covers a wide range of eating occasions and outlets, including:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Cafeterias
  • Cinemas and theaters
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hospitals

The challenge for foodservice operators is to continuously delight customers, while ensuring revenue generation and keeping costs down. There are specific processes that staff members perform that help restaurants meet this challenge. This is where having a strong operating system supporting clear and standardized procedures comes into play. 

Operational Efficiency and Excellence in the Food Service Industry

Operational excellence in food service means striving for efficiency, effectiveness, and outstanding performance in different operational areas of a food service establishment. It involves improving processes, making workflows smoother, and consistently providing top-notch products and services to meet and surpass customer expectations.

4 Areas of Operational Efficiency & Excellence for Foodservice Operators- Consistent Customer Experience- Revenue Uplift- Efficiency and Cost Savings- Enabled Frontliners
  1. Consistent Customer Experience

Delivering customer experience that is pleasant, consistent, and efficient should always be top-of-mind when talking about operations and operational efficiency. You don’t want any underperforming outlets to give your brand a bad name and reputation.

It is crucial to then have visibility into daily operations in all locations and outlets, to be able to see the  performance, including  issues -from hygiene to stock-  and their resolution. Having this information in real-time can help management in their effective decision-making, and taking prompt action to maintain high brand standards. 

  1. Revenue Uplift

How well your outlet operations are carried out has a direct correlation with revenue generation. Inconsistencies in the communication and execution of activities such as rolling out campaigns and promotions can have a negative impact.. Ensuring the availability and readiness of guidelines for your staff, for displaying promotions or relaying them to your customers, allow these activities to be carried out smoothly. Outside of promotions, creating an overall pleasant experience for your customers will allow higher sales to come in.

Finally,  keeping track of inventory to avoid problems such as shrinkage, especially when dealing with time or temperature-sensitive stock with a short shelf life (food items or ingredients) will also prove worthwhile for the business.

  1. Efficiency and Cost Savings

Every minute spent on tasks that don't increase revenue is a wasted minute. This is why it is vital to always look for ways to improve your operational efficiency. Cost-savings also go hand-in-hand with efficiency as more efficient operations would mean substantial person-hour savings for your frontline operations.

  1. Enabled Frontliners

The contribution of front liners to retail operations and retail excellence cannot be overstated. They are the first point of contact between the consumers and your business, and empowering them to succeed at their job leads to overall success for the company. 

Equipping your staff with the means to succeed in on-the-job activities contributes to the level of excellence in your frontline operations. Tools that help with training, SOP checklists, and visual references, not only help reduce the number of issues that can arise but also lead to more engaged and productive employees, as daily tasks are simpler and more efficiently carried out.

Nimbly as an all-in-one digital solution for foodservice

Operational efficiency & excellence can be achieved when businesses appropriately equip themselves with the right tools for their operations. Nimbly Technologies is one such solution provider mostly dedicated to the foodservice industry. Find out how in just weeks you can achieve operational excellence, and deliver consistent customer experience, realize significant cost-savings, and ensure revenue uplift with a motivated and enabled workforce. Request a free consultation to get started.

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