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6 Pre-Production Inspection list that always need to be included

November 23, 2021
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Pre-production inspection is an important step in the manufacturing process. Here is the checklist and how to make the process more accurate with a digital tool.

The acts of quality control in manufacturing come in various forms. The pre-production inspection (PPI) is one of the activities responsible for a smooth process, minimum risks, and high-quality products. PPI's importance requires a thorough and accurate checklist system, ensuring no tasks are left.

What is Pre-Production Inspection in Manufacturing?

Pre-production inspection is a form of quality control focusing on raw materials, production tools, and components. The goal is to ensure that they are suitable for the standard production process, both in quality and quantity.

The inspection also covers all the activities related to production steps, ensuring that they are conducted properly. They include the material shipping process, machine working properly, distribution system, quality standard, and communication between companies and distributors.

The Importance of Pre-Production Inspection

Want your business to have a quality standard? Make sure to do a pre-production inspection.

PPI ensures that your business has a standardized production process, resulting in safe, timely production. It also ensures the safety of the production process because it checks the quality of production tools and material safety. e.g., cutting machine calibration.

PPI also creates a smooth supply chain, making sure that all distributors provide their materials on time. Your company will be able to fulfill manufacturing standards and become a trusted business.

6 Pre-Production Inspection List that you shouldn't forget

Pre-production checklist consists of very crucial tasks. Make sure you have them on a checklist, so there are no steps forgotten.

1. Raw Materials Checking

Raw materials must adhere to formal production standards, depending on the industry. The inspectors will also check if the quantity is enough for standard production.

  • List down all of your products.
  • Describe what materials are needed for each product.
  • Define the standard of each raw material. e.g., if it’s meat then it should be visually normal, and should be firm rather than soft.

2. Components Checking

Production components will also go through checking. They include supporting materials and all the tools or machines required to work on them. e.g., cutting machine, sewing machine, mixing machine, etc.

3. Taking Random Samples

Random samples are taken from three levels of representations:

  • raw materials,
  • semi-finished products, and
  • final goods.

They are compared to make sure that they have followed production standards. Examples are the colors, material integrity, shapes, models, and faults (if any).

4. Environment Checking

The inspectors will check the manufacturing environment—taking photos and studying site reports. The environment must support a safe, standardized production process, creating high-quality products without endangering the workers. The checking consists of machinery, the condition of the factory, workers' stations, and tools.

5. Production Line Checking

Pre-production inspection - Production Line checking, from people to machinery and environment

Production line follows specific steps and paths that end with the final goods. However, this line must work properly to fulfill the manufacturing standards.

The inspectors must check all aspects of the working production line, from people to machinery and environment.

6. Reporting the Results

Inspectors must issue complete pre-production inspection reports, supported by documents like photos and videos. They are necessary to determine the preparedness of the manufacturing company. The reports are also used for evaluation and regular audit.

These tasks are mandatory for manufacturing companies. Therefore, applying current technology to help with a more accurate process can be beneficial.

How to make Pre-Production Inspection easier with Technology

Digitalized checklist is a simple but beneficial tool to help with Pre-Production Inspection (PPI). A digital management tool like Nimbly, for example, provides a digitized checklist that can be accessed with a mobile app. It is a better alternative than a paper or manual checklist, which has a higher risk for human error or other mistakes.

By using Nimbly, inspectors can follow the important checklist accurately before sharing the result with other officers. The checklist and reporting can be done in real-time, using a shared mobile app for all the involved officers and employees. Unlike a manual checklist, inspection officers do not need to rely on delayed information to track possible issues.

Nimbly can also help with risk assessment in PPI. The issue tracker feature alerts the officers about possible risks or problems based on the SOP.

Using the shared app, the officers can immediately respond by sending the reports to the responsible departments. This is a faster and more accurate method to solve on-site problems compared to a manual checklist.

This innovative software also offers a data management system for easier reporting and evaluation.

Nimbly Technologies Admin Dashboard

All the checklist and issue tracking results are compiled in neat, accurate data. Inspectors and other officers can download the data and use them as accurate documents for better evaluation.


Pre-production inspection ensures the preparedness level of a manufacturing company to fulfill standard goods in quality and quantity. As an important step, the process must be accurate and free of error. Use a management tool like Nimbly to increase the quality of inspection results and improve the product's quality.

6 Pre-Production Inspection list that always need to be included - Improve issue resolution time by 86%

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