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A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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6 Strategies to Improve Order Accuracy in Restaurants

Januari 25, 2023
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Maintaining order accuracy in restaurants is important for business, but many still, unfortunately, put it far down the priority list. While occasional inaccuracies are expected (especially during busy hours), frequent mistakes in order can accumulate and negatively impact your business. In a fast-paced restaurant environment, every second counts, and maintaining order accuracy can help keep things running smoothly. Order accuracy in restaurants is a key component in the success of a restaurant business and should be consistently monitored and improved upon.

If order inaccuracy is something you need to work on, read on to learn about the strategies to use to improve.

Why Is Improving Order Accuracy Important?

Order accuracy is directly related to customer satisfaction, an important factor in service-based businesses like restaurants and coffee shops. Too many mistakes will lead to disadvantages such as:

●       Ruined Reputations

Restaurants that frequently make mistakes in order will invite negative reviews from customers. They can end in ruined reputations, especially if the displeased customers share their experiences on review websites and social media.

●       Reduced Efficiencies

Frequent mistakes in orders can reduce efficiencies because servers or other frontline staff must correct them and repeat the process all over. These repeated mistakes will halt the order traffic in the restaurant and disturb the entire operation.

●       Increased Food Waste and Costs

Inaccurate orders cause an increase in food waste, which is also related to operational costs. If these keep happening, the restaurant can experience a negative impact.

Quick Tricks to Ensure Order Accuracy

Many restaurant owners and servers have quick tricks to ensure order accuracy on the spot.

A common trick is to repeat the orders right after the sitting customers finish mentioning them. This way, customers can immediately confirm if the server makes mistakes.

Another quick trick is to prepare two notes; one is stuck on the table, and the other is taken to the kitchen. Whenever the servers bring out the food and drink orders, they can cross out the order list on the table until everything is out and the customers are satisfied.

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6 Long-term Strategies to Improve Order Accuracy

Achieving an acceptable track record in order accuracy requires a combination of good management, proper training, and the support of modern technology. The previous quick tricks work wonders in the short term, but maintaining long-term accuracy needs better preparation.

Here are six strategies to improve order accuracy in restaurants (and other foodservice operators).

1.      Hiring An Expeditor

Medium to large-sized restaurants should invest in hiring expeditors. Their main task is ensuring every order is made correctly and timely. An expeditor reduces the waitstaff load, ensuring that everyone focuses on one responsibility only.

2.      Use Specific Marks for Unique Orders

Restaurants should invent specific symbols or signs to mark unique orders. For example, servers should mark the orders for customers with allergies or lactose intolerance. Reserving these specific signs or symbols for special orders will make it easier for kitchen staff and servers to focus.

3.      Maintain Good Inventory Management

A smooth business operation requires good inventory management. A restaurant, especially the busy one, will benefit from smooth and well-maintained inventory. Kitchen staff can easily fulfill every order while ensuring accuracy, even during rush hours.

Creating simple code systems is a good way to maintain inventory management. Color codes, for example, can be used to mark special ingredients, such as dairy, poultry, vegetables, and seafood.

4.      Create Order Accuracy Rate Goal

Order accuracy rate goal is important to measure performance. For example, if your order accuracy rate reaches around 95 to 98 percent, you can consider your restaurant as having good performance. On the contrary, if it reaches under 60 percent (and stays there for a long time), you need to review past performances and check the root cause.

5.      Invest in Training Employees

Professionally trained employees, from cooks to servers, can apply strategies to make their tasks more accurate without reducing service quality. You can get such employees by investing in training them. In the long run, their skills in serving food accurately can bring more revenue and a good reputation for the business.

6.      Good Salary and Incentives

Staff who are less worried about money usually perform better at work. If you focus on providing a good salary and a positive work environment, your staff will be more motivated to be more accurate in their tasks.


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Can Digital Platforms be the Solution to Improve Order Accuracy in Restaurants?

Digital software such as the management system Nimbly is a modern solution for order accuracy. You can install it in the restaurant system, utilizing features like the digital checklist and issue tracker to ensure accuracy and reduce mistakes.

Order accuracy in restaurants is important in determining your business's success and and can be further streamlined with the use of tools such as digital platforms.

By providing staff with comprehensive training on the platform, they will be able to easily access and update menu items, pricing, and customer information. Furthermore, features such as real-time reporting and analytics can help managers monitor order accuracy and identify areas for improvement. Investing in a digital solution and training staff to use it effectively can lead to increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increased profitability for the restaurant. Find out how Nimbly Technologies can help you achieve this.

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