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How to Maximizing restaurant online reviews and ratings

September 17, 2021
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The utilization of online media greatly affects the performance of the restaurant business. Today, there are many online media that collect reviews and ratings given by visitors who provide online reviews and ratings of the quality of the business you manage. Starting from the services, facilities, to the products or services you offer.

So, how do you maximizing your restaurant's online reviews and ratings?

What are the influence of online reviews and ratings in the restaurant business?

Giving reviews and ratings used to be frequently reviewed by culinary critics and published in newspapers. These critics are known for their experience and expertise in assessing the quality of food served by a restaurant business. In contrast to this time, ordinary diners who do not have experience and expertise in criticizing food can also provide reviews and ratings on the online media freely.

Review and rating itself usually have a very significant impact on the progress of the restaurant business. Review and rating become the right promotional media for a restaurant business to develop their business. It has been proven by many restaurant businesses with nice reviews and high ratings which experienced an increase in the number of customers.

Not only for your restaurant business, reviews like below are also affecting Nimbly Technologies Business

Nimbly Technologies on how to maximizing reviews and ratings on restaurant business

Maintaining positive online reviews and ratings

Positive online reviews and ratings given by customers in the online media become a standard for you to acquire new customers. Customers certainly do not want to get bad quality service and dishes from your restaurant.

Therefore, before leaving for your restaurant business, they searched for reviews and ratings of your restaurant business so it would not be like a pig in a poke.

Accordingly, providing good service for the visitors can improve the review and rating of your restaurant business in a more positive direction.

As a result, more visitors will come to your restaurant business. It means that it can increase the profits of your restaurant business.

The standard for improvement and development of your restaurant business

You can use the results of review and rating as indicators in developing management and evaluation of your restaurant business, things you need to improve if your restaurant business has negative online reviews and ratings. Make it a lesson and improve your business.

How to Maximizing restaurant online reviews and ratings - Nimbly technologies - reduce your inspections direct costs up to 59%

Promotion media for your company's business

From the visitor's point of view, if the online reviews and ratings received by the restaurant business are low, they will not recommend the dishes in that place to others. Here review and rating on the online media play an important factor in the promotion of the restaurant business that you manage.

Positive online reviews and ratings can be promotional media that might have a significant effect.

Imagine if your regular customers recommended your restaurant business to their friends. It will be a new opportunity for your restaurant business to get new customers.

Maintaining good management using digital checklist like Nimbly

To get good online reviews and ratings you must provide good management in maximizing the performance of your restaurant.

However, managing a restaurant can indeed be complicated if your restaurant business has many branches. Therefore, Nimbly came to provide good and simple management that is suitable for your company's business.

With Nimbly, you can monitor the operations of each branch anytime anywhere. You only need to make a questionnaire containing what aspects should be checked when the restaurant opens. Then, assign the team in the field to fill out the questionnaire. 

If a problem is found, your team member can immediately report the problem through the Nimbly application so that it can be addressed immediately. That way, you can give a quality dining experience for your customers in all branches and acquire positive ratings and reviews.

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