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How Delamibrands Streamlines High Quality Inspections with Nimbly

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Fashion Retail

Company size:

300+ POS across Indonesia

Use cases:

Shop Front Management
Health & Safety Compliance


Scattered communication between teams
Lack of reports validation

Tentang aplikasi Delamibrands:

Delamibrands is a retail company managing popular brands that offer fashionable apparel with high quality and value to suit customers’ evolving style.

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time saved on store reporting
increase in inspection report completion rate
elimination of paper
Established in 1979, Delamibrands is one of Indonesia's biggest apparel & fashion companies and manages some of the most iconic brands in fashion in the country including The Executive, COLORBOX, et cetera, Wood, Lee, Le Coq Sportif, Tirajeans, Wood, Jockey, and Wrangler. With more than 300 stores across the nation, Delamibrands serves over 50 million consumers per year.

Nimbly empowers my team to scale our retail execution and monitoring, increasing consistency, sales growth and productivity.

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Commercial Director


Before adopting Nimbly, the group Operations Manager (OM) collected operational reports from the retail store managers (RM) manually.

The reports were delivered verbally or written in paper, which was then typed out and sent to the Group Operations Manager through email or WhatsApp.
No photos or videos could be attached in the reports, so validation was compromised.
RMs needed to compile and rewrite the data into reports, delaying the completion and delivery of the reports by at least a few days.

The manual way of collecting reports hindered the Management Team from gaining a real time view of operations, and being able to respond to issues swiftly. Additionally, since the reports were coming from different sources, it was hard to track whether the reports were submitted on time, or even submitted at all.


Using Nimbly, Delamibrands saves at least 33% of the time for the store reporting, while enabling clear and concise quality inspection supported with live photos and videos.

This digitalization also saves Delamibrands at least 855 hours of manual data entry and eliminates 17,000 pages of paper per year. Since the process has been streamlined, the frequency of reporting by the retail managers has also increased to 2 or 3 times per week, from previously just weekly. This resulted in operational excellence across all of their stores.

Equipped with the Pelacak Isu functionality in the Nimbly App, Management Team gains real-time visibility and issue alerts upon opening and closing time. Delamibrands was also able to quickly implement COVID-19 checklists in all their stores without any hurdles. After implementing Nimbly, the report completion rate increased by 40%.


time saved on store reporting
increase in inspection report completion rate
elimination of paper

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