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Pancious has successfully leveraged Nimbly's robust reporting features to improve audit efficiency by 86%

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Casual Dining Restaurant

Company size:

20+ stores

Use cases:

Digitalized questionnaires
Robust validation method
Issue resolution
Issue analytics


Store monitoring is done manually using paper forms
Inspection processes takes too long
Reports are less objective

Tentang aplikasi Pancious:

Pancious brings a concept of casual dining restaurant dedicated to serve the best food and excellent dining experience to every customers.

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increase in Operational audit efficiency
Inspection reports are more objective
have used Nimbly
Pancious is a western casual dining restaurant that was established in 2007. With the concept of "Good Food & Good Place", Pancious wants to consistently present a memorable dining experience, both from its innovative and high quality food, as well as through a unique and comfortable restaurant interior.

By simplifying the process of collecting and processing audit data, Nimbly helped Pancious focus on the correction and innovation process.

Andre Hilman

General Manager


For Pancious, the key to providing the best dining experience for customers is the quality of food, service and the atmosphere of the outlet. However, Pancious felt that measuring the performance of these three aspects as a whole in 23 outlets, using manual operational audits alone was not sufficient.

Monitoring the performance of marketing programs and new menus is done manually using paper forms. Therefore, with every new marketing program and menu launched, the Pancious team had to print out a new inspection form.
Since the report compilation process must be carried out by the Restaurant Manager, there is a lag of almost 1 week from the time the inspection is carried out till the report is finished. The same process also occurs in handling problems found at outlets.
In addition to the time-consuming process, manual audit results are often less objective because they are not accompanied by evidence that can validate the team's answers at the outlet. The absence of validation is what makes report writing less accurate.

With a complicated audit process that took a lot of time and resources, the Management Team could only focus on two aspects, namely the general atmosphere of the outlet and the accuracy of cash sales by accounting for the cash at the cashier.


To help Pancious explore the maximum results of its daily operational audits, Nimbly provides digital solutions that can make the Pancious operational audit process at 23 outlets easier.

  1. By digitizing the questionnaire, the results of daily audits can be received by the Management Team as soon as the inspection is done, eliminating the 1 week lag in time. With this efficiency, Pancious's examination expanded into a comprehensive examination of 9 departments.
  2. The results of the report become more objective due to the ability to compare the perception of quality between the Management Team and the Outlet Team using the Live Photo feature, notably in the cleanliness aspect. Photos are also used to validate answers.
  3. Follow up on findings at the restaurant can take place shortly after findings are reported. The Management Team can ensure that the problems found are resolved in a timely manner by the related departments with the Issue Tracker feature. The Pancious Management Team can monitor the follow up of these findings through the Nimbly Analytics Dashboard.
  4. With the Trends feature, patterns of problem occurrence can be identified based on incoming data. This means that the Pancious Management Team can easily create corrective strategies.
  5. The flexibility of the Nimbly Admin Dashboard allows the Pancious Management Team to update the questionnaire in minutes. When there is a menu promotion or innovation, the entire Pancious team can immediately conduct an evaluation without having to wait for a new questionnaire to be printed.


increase in Operational audit efficiency
Inspection reports are more objective
have used Nimbly

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