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Save massively on your operational cost with a digital checklist app

We help you replace daily manual checklists with a fully digitalized one

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All in one mobile solution to enhance your operational efficiency

Digitalizing your SOPs / checklists

We provide you with a dashboard where you can upload and create your own checklists / SOPs.

✅ Opening & closing checklists? 
✅ Cleanliness checklists? 
✅ COVID protocol checklists? 
✅ Stock inventory checklists?

Anything you need, we provide it for you!

Mobile app for audits

Once the admin sets the schedule, and the SOPs for the inspections, it will appear on your employees’ phone.

They can just check the entire questionnaires and submit, then the report will be directly sent to management in real-time!

100% Valid report

The crew can upload relevant photos or videos, and management can inspect the condition of the stores directly, and in real-time.

Geo-fencing will ensure the crew is at the correct location.

Real-time analysis dashboard

Monitoring store operations will be much easier with a digital hub dashboard where management can view the performance of each store and each crew member in real time and analyze what improvements can be made on the fly..

Operational decision making is transformed as management has the most timely and accurate data, and a helicopter view across all stores.

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