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Selesaikan masalah operasional Anda secara efisien dan mudah dengan Isu Tracker Nimbly

Otomatiskan penyelesaian masalah operasional Anda

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Automate issue resolution

Issue cards are automatically generated if conditions in the field do not follow the predetermined SOPs.

Users can track all ongoing issues directly and in real-time through their mobile app.

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Auto-assign tasks

Issues can automatically be assigned to specific users or departments for immediate action.

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Gain robust issue monitoring

Frontline workers can report issues directly via the app, and management can access the inspection reports in real-time, identify critical issues and make immediate decisions.

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Issue analytics dashboard

Monitoring your operations is a breeze with the digital hub dashboard.

Management gains a helicopter view across operations in real-time. In addition to gaining visibility of important operational metrics, management can easily analyze issues: which occur most frequently, in which locations they occur the most, how long it takes to resolve them, as well as their patterns and trends.

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