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Four Innovative Ways to Grow Your Business with Fresh Food Management

Mei 18, 2022
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Customer demand for fresh and prepared foods in retail is increasing, creating new opportunities. Explore how technology can help you reduce the complexities of working with fresh food.

Improve shelf availability

To achieve optimal fresh food inventory levels, use real-time data insight. Forecasting accurately will help you prevent empty shelves and surplus inventory.

You may boost availability and maximize freshness in-store by effectively controlling and optimizing production.

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For the conscientious consumer, provide safety and quality.

Consumer demand for healthful, high-quality food is increasing, making it even more critical to track the full fresh food supply chain from raw material to ready-to-eat. Nimbly can help provide you and your customers with comprehensive information on quality as well as prepare your employees to answer inquiries about the complete supply chain.

Ensure complete traceability

For your business, complete traceability in fresh food handling is critical. In terms of fresh foods and ingredients, Nimbly will provide thorough insight into origin, batch origin, purchase history, and what is left on the shelf.

Because recalls do happen, your employees will have complete control over which products, batches, and prepared foods are affected.

Waste Reduction

You will know what and when to order the proper amount of fresh food based on cognitive insights, taking into account events such as holidays, seasons, and consumer trends such as buying behavior during certain weather periods.

Additionally, your employees will be able to choose prepared meal recipes based on what you have on hand, allowing you to turn unused fresh food into profitable food on the fly while eliminating unnecessary food waste.

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