How to Perform a Quality Control Inspection in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry relies on quality control to ensure consistency in the products. Thus, quality control inspection is an important task to perform in any manufacturing field. Learn about the main tasks in QC inspection and how a certain digital tool can help.

What exactly is Quality Control?

(QC) Quality control is defined as a process to maintain the quality of the product or service to ensure that customers receive the best final product with zero defects.

Quality control is very crucial to maintaining the customer's satisfaction, making sure that they get high-quality products or services according to the SOPs that are applied in the company.

a Survey reveals that 96.7% of 3,000 L.L. Bean Customers said that Quality is one crucial attribute that they like most about the company. 

Quality control inspection has several key points for ensuring the best outputs. They are:

1. Defining the Product's Quality Standards

Each company has specific standards for its products or services, complete with task lists or checklists. Therefore, to define the product’s quality standard, referring to the quality measurement standard is the first step to do. A quality control manager must make sure that every step taken is aimed to reach the quality standards defined by the company.

2. Determining the Methods

Quality control process uses specific methods to observe, inspect, and test the products to find out whether they are good to go. Established companies have pre-planned methods to check the products based on specific variables. Refer to this guide to apply specific methods when checking the quality.

3. Defining the Numbers of Tested Products

In quality control, the team does not check all the products. Specific numbers, amounts, or batches are picked to become the samples for quality control procedures. The QC manager must make sure that each tested batch properly represents the larger quantities of their products. 

4. Building Communication System with the Team

Quality control inspection is teamwork. A QC manager needs to communicate with everyone in the department involved in the production process to observe the task progress in real-time and to make sure that there is no issue left unresolved. It involves a contact list, communication channel, and regular meetings, including for evaluation. 

5. Utilizing Innovation in Manufacturing Technology

A digital checklist is a great tool to aid quality control inspection. Since QC inspection requires perfect implementation of steps, the checklist makes sure that each task is conducted perfectly. Nimbly is a digital checklist that supports flawless managerial execution, including in quality control.

Key Takeaway

Quality control inspection requires flawless execution, risk management, and problem-solving in every stage. Use Nimbly as the digital checklist solution for better collaboration and execute your quality control procedures perfectly.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly mengubah proses audit operasi manual menjadi daftar periksa berbasis aplikasi bagi pekerja untuk menghasilkan laporan secara instan, memusatkan wawasan secara real-time, dan memastikan penyelesaian masalah secara menyeluruh.

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