A healthy Plate: Challenges and solutions to food safety for F&B Industry in South east asia

A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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Improving QSR Performance with Data Leverage and Maintenance

Maret 15, 2021
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A quick-serving restaurant (QSR) requires a well-run system to operate smoothly. The goal is to ensure that every restaurant branch runs within the established procedures and maintains quality. Without proper data management, a quick-serving restaurant may be overwhelmed by the surge of orders, customers' complaints, and diminishing supplies.

Leveraging and maintaining data is a way to improve service quality. You can do it by using proper maintenance strategies and choosing the right data management tool.

How to Improve QSR Service through Data Management

A restaurant business relies on data management to keep running and improving. When your QSR grows, make sure to follow data management tips like these:

1. Use One Comprehensive Data Platform

Collecting all data in one comprehensive platform will reduce confusion and clutter. You can check various important elements such as supplies, income, numbers of customers, consumer complaints, and many more. Having all data in one platform, making it easier for analysis and evaluation. You can also aggregate data and create a comprehensive performance or evaluation report.

2. Use Simpler but Efficient Data Analytics

Data analytics are important to evaluate your business, but they are useless if people have difficulty comprehending them. Make sure your analytic data system has simple, efficient, easy-to-read results. Furthermore, an efficient data analytic system creates more comprehensive reports, perfect for better evaluation and review.

3. Ensure Good Communication

Communication between different departments' staff is important to make sure that everyone operates on the same lane. If a restaurant has multiple branches, miscommunication will cause disasters. Clear communication is the key to stay connected with the HQ, staff, other managers, suppliers, and distributors. You can achieve this by using a cloud-based communication center everyone can access.

4. Create Measurement System for Performances

Having measurement systems will make it easier to evaluate performances. You can start by creating standards for good and bad performances and use them to create measurement systems. These standards must be identical between different locations or branches to create a smoother, more accurate evaluation system.

5. Digitize and Streamline Your Data System

Forget using a manual system: the digital data system is a vital element in the produk makanan dan minuman business. Using a digital product, you can create a neater, automatic data system. It should be able to collect information from performances and reports before creating reports fast. This system will also reduce clutter, making auditing and evaluating easier.

You need a comprehensive digital tool to leverage and maintain data using the previously described methods. Nimbly is a perfect one-stop tool to digitize, maintain, and leverage data for your QSR business, making it easier to run, improve, or expand it.

Reasons to Use Nimbly

Nimbly offers a safe, convenient, one-stop digital platform to help running food and beverage businesses. The convenient features are especially useful to maintain and report data. If you have a QSR, you can use Nimbly's various features to support the business. 

Here are several features to expect from Nimbly regarding of QSR business:

Ceklis Digital

Nimbly's digital checklist offers a practical, streamlined method to list SOP tasks, supplies, and other important things. Every list is accessible through the mobile app, making it easier to maintain and update. You can use the digital checklist to conduct data aggregate, an important feature for evaluation and auditing.

Quick Validation System

Nimbly features an automatic validation system that you can apply in the restaurant. It is connected to the audit system, complete with time-tracking, camera, and CCTV as the backup data sources. This system allows restaurant owners or managers to track and resolve issues fast.

Real-time Data Analytics

Data analytics are more accurate and effective if you can do them in real-time. Nimbly features real-time analytics that translates to detailed reports, which you can quickly print or share. They are useful for reviewing various business aspects, from sales numbers to staff performance and customer satisfaction.

Quick Problem Resolution Tool

Nimbly has a famous feature called Issue Tracker, which helps you track and resolve issues in real-time. Everyone responsible for the problem can immediately see the issues and solve them together, eliminating the needs for troublesome chain emails, WhatsApp forum messages, and other impractical communication methods.


With the fast paced operations a QSR business requires,  it is pertinent that business owners have good data management methods to run smoothly. Nimbly's technical features are the perfect tool to maintain and leverage data, improving the efficiency of the entire operation.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly transforms manual operational audit processes into app-based checklists for front-line workers to generate reports instantly, centralize insights in real-time, and ensure thorough issue resolution.

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