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Guide for Better Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

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A successful restaurant business needs a good management system to run. Kitchen equipment management is one of the most important operations. It ensures that daily activity runs smoothly, which is important for a successful business.

Why Kitchen Equipment Management is Important

Managing restaurant equipment consists of full, thorough checking, maintaining, fixing, and supplying important tools necessary for daily operation. Investing in it will give business owners benefits, such as:

1. Better Food Quality and Safety

Food quality and safety are important in the restaurant business. Also, restaurant owners must comply with specific health and quality standards. Management is a way to keep that formal standard.

2. Keeping the Operations in Constant Speed

Restaurants and similar establishments must maintain constant operational speed to keep up with demands. Kitchen equipment management helps owners and staff to operate at proper speed every day.

3. Saving Time and Money

In the 2019 Restaurant Success Report, 52 percent of its respondents reported high management cost as the major problem. Kitchen management helps reduce the backlog, minimize the damage or faulty risks, and increase efficiency.

4. Prolong the Equipment Lifespan

Kitchen equipment must operate frequently, but they are expensive. Broken or faulty equipment can cost a lot of money. Equipment management helps restaurant owners to maintain the condition of equipment and appliances. The staff can use them longer and with reduced risks.

5. Reducing Hazards

Safety and fire hazards can be fatal for your business. These hazards can come from ill-maintained equipment and appliances. Regular maintenance keeps them in their best conditions and allows you to notice possible risks.

Equipment Management Checklist Guide

This guide allows you to create an equipment maintenance checklist. It includes the main appliances to maintain and things you should check. They include:

1. Freezers and Fridges

They are crucial to keep ingredients in proper temperatures. A damaged freezer or fridge can cost you a day’s business. Checklist includes:

  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Checking the level of refrigerant
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Inspecting and cleaning the insulation
  • Checking the hinges and doors
  • Checking and adjusting defrost temperatures and times

2. Stove Ranges

They are vital for a kitchen operation, so make sure you follow this checklist:

  • Cleaning all parts and behind the ranges
  • Securing and cleaning the grates and burners
  • Checking and adjusting the thermostat
  • Checking and greasing the valve knobs

3. Sinks and Dishwashers

They are important for cleaning, washing, and keeping the hygiene level proper. Checklist includes:

  • Cleaning the filters
  • Inspecting and changing the tank water
  • Checking all chemical levels, including in the products
  • Fixing all chippings, dents, and cracks
  • Sanitizing the surfaces

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4. Fryers

If you make a lot of fried foods, fryers must be included in the checklist, which includes:

  • Checking and cleaning the fans
  • Checking for gas leak
  • Removing dirty oil
  • Checking the quality of oil used

5. Grills and Griddles

Grills and griddles have hidden parts that require thorough maintenance to keep. Checklist includes:

  • Cleaning filters and burners
  • Wiping down all parts after each use

6. Storage Spaces

Storage spaces need to have proper condition and temperature to keep the content in the best quality. Checklist includes:

  • Proper labeling and storage system
  • Proper temperatures for dry food storage
  • Storage areas not touching the floor

7. Floor

Kitchen floor must be stable, slip-free, and clean. Checklist includes:

  • Cleaning the oil and grease
  • Sweeping and mopping regularly
  • Fixing tripping hazards
  • Replacing mats and carpets when necessary

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Solution for Kitchen Equipment Management

Kitchen management can be complicated, so make sure you use the right tool. Nimbly is a digital management software available for various industries, including restaurants. Nimbly introduces a streamlined and practical digital checklist, with features like:

Smart Checklist Builder

Checklist builder allows you to create digital checklists based on your SOP. Assign scheduled inspection across all outlets to make sure every kitchen equipment is being taken care of.

Smart Issue Resolution Tracker System

Nimbly’s Issue Tracker records every problem found on the inspection and creates a smart tracker system. You can monitor each issue and make sure everything is resolved on time.

Restaurants and other similar businesses need a kitchen equipment management system to maintain qualities and resolve problems. Nimbly provides a smart tool to create an insightful, streamlined management system, improving your restaurant’s performance and profit margins.

Tentang Nimbly

Nimbly mengubah proses audit operasi manual menjadi daftar periksa berbasis aplikasi bagi pekerja untuk menghasilkan laporan secara instan, memusatkan wawasan secara real-time, dan memastikan penyelesaian masalah secara menyeluruh.

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