Maximize Peak Season Profit with Mature Operational Management

You must have faced a change in the price of goods at certain moments. For example, the price of basic necessities suddenly soared and made everyone mad. Meanwhile, travel tickets such as airfare will go up before school holidays, Christmas, and year-end holidays. Those moments are called peak seasons. 

The peak season moment is certainly the time that business people have been waiting for. However, if you, as a businessman, do not prepare yourself for the peak season well, then you will be ignored by many buyers. 

To avoid this, you should apply these 6 operational management tips.

Restock item

Recheck the availability of the items and how many variants or choices. If the stock is not enough, make a purchase immediately. Check the inventory again on the favorite items. Are there items that need to be sold out or sold with a big sale? Do research on what items are trending in your business sector.

Review the effectiveness of goods movement

Review the effectiveness of their movements and the process of entry and exit of goods into your store. Is there any step that actually slows down your transaction process? For example, buyers are queuing for too long because there is only one cash register, then the solution is adding a cash register.

Create an effective and efficient system for moving goods, so that your employees and customers are both facilitated in carrying out their activities. Moreover, make sure your shop is physically ready. Replace or repair your store equipment and ornaments. Make sure your shop and physical system are ready to be visited.

Prepare skilled employees and optimal work systems

Peak season certainly will make your staff or employees work extra hours than usual. Some companies even added new employees to face this moment, considering the high sales traffic. If it is necessary for your company, recruit and train your new employees before the peak season starts. 

Make an effective schedule, where every employee can give their best performance without reducing their rights. With the proper schedule, it is guaranteed that employees will provide optimal dedication. 

Don't forget to take a rest

When working hours are over, remind them to take a break because peak season is certainly draining the body and mind. If you and your employees are too tired, the sales services will not run well. Excessive fatigue will trigger stress, stress will cause someone to get irritated easily. 

Do you want the customer to be served unkindly? Of course not. Then create a shop atmosphere that is busy but still fun so that there is no burden on your employees when doing work. Positive things for employees will certainly spread to customers.

Do an evaluation

Take the time to do daily evaluation with employees or some staff. This is done to study the mistakes that occurred on that day so that it does not happen again in the future. After the evaluation, ask all employees to go home and rest so that tomorrow they will work optimally.

Use a Digital-Based Operational Management Application

In this digital era, it is time for you to manage your business operations using a digital-based application. Nimbly is here to offer these solutions. By using Nimbly, the management of your business operations can be managed and monitored from anywhere. This will greatly save your time and money.

Consult your business operations management with the Nimbly team for free.

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