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Prochiz Transforms their Maintenance and Optimizes their OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with Nimbly Technologies

November 4, 2022
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Prochiz (Pt. Mulia Boga Lestari Tbk.)  Indonesia’s number one processed cheese manufacturer-  often dubbed “Keju Indonesia No 1 - The Number One Indonesian Cheese,” -  has since August 2022 successfully implemented Nimbly Technologies at their production facilities to achieve on-time and error-free maintenance.

“Today’s increased operational complexity means that effective maintenance is both more important and more challenging than ever” explains  Bobby K Gandasaputra, President Director of the company. “ Nimbly equips our engineering and production  teams with modern digital tools they need to ensure consistency in maintenance processes, effectively manage and continuously improve on them and ultimately maximizing our OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).”

One of the company’s biggest concerns was how to easily and quickly enable operators on the floor to complete autonomous maintenance tasks. There was no easy way to track if operators were completing the process or not, and the data on completion rates across teams and machines was inadequate. This resulted in a lack of confidence that the machines were being maintained optimally.

Nimbly delivers transparency into operator work execution and the ability to update workflows. All of Prochiz’ maintenance processes are now digitalized and pushed to operators who can access them through their mobile device. With Nimbly, a line worker can open a task in the mobile app and follow clear instructions that contain interactive rich media - videos, photos and PDFs - on how to complete tasks correctly. Meanwhile, managers can easily track completion rates that are tied to unplanned stoppages.

Beyond digitalizing the maintenance procedures, Prochiz also gains unprecedented visibility into their maintenance processes via Nimbly’s powerful real-time dashboard, providing supervisors and management insights across machines and locations that can be accessed at any time. 

With this enhanced visibility, maintenance teams can dynamically update SOPs to reduce technician error and elevate planned maintenance traceability. It captures even small, incremental changes made on the floor, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement where every worker is empowered to make a positive difference. “With more information on how maintenance work on the floor is actually being done, my production and engineering teams can manage activities more efficiently and spot trouble before it occurs. Compliance to procedures ensures fewer unexpected stops or unplanned downtimes. Access to real-time data fuels prescriptive maintenance that can save us time and money.” Bobby concludes. "Essentially, visibility drives efficiency.”

Daniel Hazman, Founder and CEO of Nimbly Technologies added “Prochiz is a fast-growing company with a great mission. We’re thrilled to take this first step in creating a long-term partnership. Implementing Nimbly shows Prochiz’ dedication not only to digitally transforming their maintenance, but also to creating the best working environment and opportunities for its frontline employees. The team at Prochiz is poised to expand without compromising their high standards.”

This partnership broadens Nimbly’s footprint in manufacturing further, which is a key industry. Prochiz joins Nimbly’s rapidly growing roster of customers in manufacturing, including Prima Food Solutions, Astari Niagara, Wings Corp and many more.

About Prochiz

Prochiz (PT Mulia Boga Raya Tbk) is highly committed to market the best quality nutritional products for the people of Indonesia. At present the company has  produced a wide selection of cheese products that are loved by everyone from all corners of society. One of the highest quality products within their  portfolio that is deeply loved by the people–is the cheese product under the Prochiz brand.

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