4 Ways of How QSR Leadership Styles Should Change in 2021

The pandemic has hit the QSR  (Quick Service Restaurant) industry hard. Huge bankruptcy and unemployment issues also happen in the industry. It seems that the arrival of 2021 does not guarantee an economic recovery for the industry as well.

Therefore, QSR leadership styles should be changed in 2021 to be able to survive this pandemic. These are four ways of how the styles should change: 

1. Lead With Compassion

Even though it is in the midst of pandemic, leading should be with lots of empathy and compassion. Strong presence and early engagement with the team is really important to boost employee productivity. 

2. Transparency and Persistent Communication Are Crucial 

According to the leaders of some successful QSR brands, openness or transparency within the company is a must. It means that you have to share the information regarding the business direction and its impacts expeditiously as well as accept feedback from any sides. 

3. A Breakthrough-Promoting System is Urgently Required

Innovating to the max is considered as one of the most effective ways to get past the crisis. The leaders should have the quality in fast decision making and the competence in rule bending since competitiveness is highly required in the QSR world. 

4. Humanize Your People

Treating your teams like human beings is the key to a successful QSR leadership. Understanding your staff and helping them move on the right tracks will make them feel humanized and get more passionate about working with you. 

Key Takeaway

The 2020 crisis was not merely a shock but also a disaster for some industries especially the food and beverage industry. Thus, all company leaders in the industry should make some twists in their leadership styles by implementing compassion, transparency, positive communication, and breakthroughs.  

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