Juli 28, 2021

Staying Nimble in 2021 and beyond: Recap on the Roundtable discussion with Indonesia’s F&B Leaders

Kicking off our first series of Roundtables this year, the team at Nimbly managed to unpack the main challenges faced by Indonesian F&B companies in the Back of House and discuss areas where innovations and digitization can be implemented to improve topline and bottomline.
Maret 26, 2021

5 Cost-Cutting Strategies To Boost Your Profits

There are ways for you to cut the excess costs and boost your profits no matter how profitable already your business is. Check this out and implement these 5 tips to achieve that bottom line!
Februari 5, 2021

Reducing Food Waste? Here Are 6 Steps to Achieve It

Food waste is a problem not only for the environment, but it also hurt restaurants' profit. Reduce the avoidable food waste cost by up to 10% with these steps.
Januari 12, 2021

4 Ways SOP Can Improve Your Profitability

Feeling like your business lacks organization and efficiency? You might be lacking in the SOP. Find out how SOPs help to leverage business and profit here.
November 27, 2020

3 Tips for Overcoming Challenges in Facility Management [Infographic]

What are the common challenges faced by facility managers and how can you overcome it?
November 17, 2020

Improve Production Efficiency for Less Business Expense

For less business spending, improving production efficiency at a manufacturing company is surprisingly also pretty easy to do. Find our compact guide here.
Oktober 27, 2020

Avoid Unexpected Downtime and Costs with Preventive Maintenance

Equipment breakdowns is inevitable. However, smart preventive maintenance systems can reduce premature asset breakdowns, keep employees safe, and even save millions in costs.
Oktober 19, 2020

Lean Manufacturing: Eliminate Waste and Cut Operational Cost

What is lean manufacturing? Lean is defined as a set of management practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating non-value adding activities and waste. Lean […]
Oktober 12, 2020

Increase Operating Profit Margin and Improve Your Business Profitability

What is operating profit margin? Operating Profit Margin is a profitability or performance ratio that reflects the percentage of profit your company produces from its […]
Oktober 1, 2020

8 Types of Employee Theft that Cost Your Restaurant Big

According to the research conducted by the National Restaurant Association, internal employee theft is responsible for 75 percent of inventory shortages and about 4 percent of restaurant sales. If you're not proactively taking steps to protect your business from theft, it is like you are holding the door to your valuable assets open and unguarded. Here are some of the most frequent types of theft that happen at restaurants.

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