Juni 28, 2021

5 Tips to Enhance Employees Morale and Happiness During Pandemic

Since the arrival of the coronavirus, millions of people working in the restaurant have been laid off. The pressures have had a negative psychic impact on mental health resulting in low spirits. Meanwhile, according to a study, happy and satisfied employees can lead to significant increase in profitability. Thus, maintaining staff morale is crucial amid this crisis. 
Februari 26, 2021

6 Tips to Increase Employee Engagement for Better Productivity

Positive company culture can create better productivity without relying on overtime and other stressful methods. Here are several tips to increase employee engagement and productivity at the same time.
Februari 23, 2021

Top Tips to Reduce Overtime and Improve Productivity

Business owners should find more efficient ways to boost productivity without leaning to overtime and other stressful methods. Make this guide a start to create a healthy and productive work atmosphere.
Februari 19, 2021

How Workload Analysis Increases Your Team Productivity

Workload analysis is important to reduce the backlog, reduce work-related stress, and improve your team’s performance.
Desember 29, 2020

Team Building? Holiday Celebrations Could Be the Way [Infographic]

This year's holiday celebrations might be different. But nonetheless, annual traditions which your workplace establishes around the celebration of holidays could build positive morale and result in increased employee motivation.
Desember 28, 2020

Help Employees Manage Holiday in the Midst of Pandemic [Infographic]

This year's holiday season is way different from usual, and it might be hard for some of your employees. Here are some ways to help your employees manage holiday in the midst of pandemic.
Desember 4, 2020

How Workplace Safety Contributes to Staff Productivity

As a multidisciplinary professional field, occupational health and safety (OHS) is crucial to ensure stable workplace safety. Find out more about the OHS here. Risks […]

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