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Leveraging e-Learning for Business Operations and Its Importance

April 22, 2022
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Companies that understand "what is e-learning" are now using it. It is no longer limited to students or beginner job training but has spread into other departments in many companies. While it seems like a lot of money to spend, applying an e-learning system is an excellent long-term investment for companies with a progressive mindset.

Definition and Examples of E-learning

Before exploring the concept and benefits further, make sure you know: what is e-learning?

Electronic learning is a learning system that uses electronic devices and the internet or other connections as communication tools. E-learning can be done in any setting, including face-to-face classrooms, but nowadays, it is associated with long-distance learning.

One of the most popular versions of the current e-learning trend is online courses. Experts share a series of classes where they teach specific lessons, and people pay for the courses they choose to learn from anywhere they are located.

E-learning has also been applied during specific situations, such as among students during pandemics. The business has also developed its own model of e-learning system, aimed to improve performance and provide formal training or certification.

How to Leverage E-learning for Business

E-learning is now a growing trend in digital education, and it does not show any signs of tapering. According to Statista e-learning and digital education reports, the global e-learning and digital education business will grow to $240 billion in value.

There are many ways businesses can use e-learning to leverage their operations. Here are some of the most common or important ones.

New Employee Orientation

If a company hires a handful of employees simultaneously, e-learning can be used to provide their orientation. Using established digital materials, instructors can deliver information practically and conveniently. This material can also be stored and easily updated following any changes in company policy.

Employee Development

Another common use for e-learning in business is employee development. This educational program offers existing employees new insights, knowledge, and skills. The program serves as knowledge improvement, memory refresher, and information about further information, trends, or challenges relevant to the jobs.


Companies that require employees to get certificates can use e-learning programs to help them. This is also a good solution for companies with many branches to ensure equal certification standards. The certification course programs can be shared with offices or employees in different areas, allowing them to gain the necessary certificates.

Learning Management System for E-Learning

After understanding "what is e-learning", you need to know about a specific system to apply it in a business context.

Learning Management System is an integrated digital platform that supports online education, complete with systems for administration, registration, automation, course delivery, and other vital parts of the educational program. The system exists to help companies, institutions, and organizations to deliver educational programs or courses while managing all the related task requirements.

Since LMS is an integrated system, businesses can efficiently deliver training programs and courses to appointed employees. They can access the courses from individual devices, ensuring privacy and convenience. Companies can also conduct other operations to finish the program and analyze the results.

Why LMS for Business is Important

The benefits of applying LMS for business are different between admin or manager, instructor, and employee or learner.

Untuk Admin

LMS allows the admin or training manager to manage all aspects of the courses, such as registration, administration, monitor each employees knowledge, and data management. Everything is integrated into one system, which can easily be accessed, shared, and reviewed.

For Instructor

Instructors can use LMS to make their teaching more convenient. They can distribute materials efficiently, get creative with various formats of resources, and have easy access to schedules. They can also get access to multiple materials and manage their resources efficiently.

For Employee/Learner

LMS, especially when using long-distance classes, allows students or employees to be more flexible in their schedules. They can also access the lessons from anywhere and get access to study materials without storing bulky physical books or prints.

Nimbly is a digital management tool that can help companies with e-learning programs. Knowing "what is e-learning" and how its system benefits businesses can be a long-term investment. Start implementing LMS into your business operations by a free consultation with our expert team and transform your operations into digital and automate your workflows.

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