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The Top 3 Mistakes in Operations

September 9, 2022
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#1: Failing To Track And Record Everything

The failure to track and record organizational data including onboarding instructions, is a big mistake. Data is important to track, parse and understand. A company operating without properly tracking and evaluating historical data won't understand where it's coming from and know where it needs to go next. Nimbly provides a robust foundation to capture operational data that will make for solid decision-making later.

#2: Sticking To An Old, Familiar Process

One common mistake leaders tend to make in operations is sticking to a set process and workflow that they're familiar with. It may have worked in your previous company or job. It may also work in the different stages of the company. But once processes are in place, leaders tend to leave them even if they are detrimental to the growth of the company. For instance, they spend too much time on administrative tasks that could now be automated, and they end up neglecting areas with high growth potential. First, you need to find what works best for your business.

As you grow, you should periodically review and revise your current processes to see if your team is doing fine or whether they need better tools, automation, strategies and workflows. Nimbly's powerful dashboard provides leadership with invaluable insights on current processes and enables continuous improvement. Additionally, Nimbly automates administrative tasks, freeing up time allowing the team to focus on important areas. 

#3: Lacking Clear SOPs For New Employees

Lacking clear, consistent and accessible standard operating procedures (SOPs) for new employees jeopardizes any growth for a company. When training new employees, if the seasoned people need to essentially halt their normal day-to-day work and sit side by side for an extended period, it hurts everyone. If there are clear SOPs in place that the new hire can access, not only is their trainer going to be better able to manage existing workloads, but the employee will also build much more confidence of their own.

If you’re trying to scale without clear SOPs, employees will struggle to feel valued and the company will see high turnover. As existing employees see people coming and going, their morale then drops, the hiring process starts over and issues compound. Nimbly is a proven platform for standardizing processes across multiple locations, digitalizing SOPs thereby enhancing staff engagement and retention. Rolling out SOPs to new locations or implementing SOPs to new hires become a breeze.

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