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Tips For Maintaining Commercial Buildings and Facilities

Agustus 30, 2021
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Keeping commercial buildings and facilities well maintained and protected is important. Therefore, as the owner of commercial facilities and buildings, you must take care to ensure their feasibility. Besides, you can also offer these commercial facilities and buildings at high prices if the infrastructure quality is maintained.

In order for you to achieve these goals, you need to prepare a commercial building and facilities management. There are several tips that you need to pay attention to. Check out the reviews below!

What is the importance of maintenance management of commercial buildings and facilities?

Maintaining quality could add more selling value to the building. Otherwise, the worse the handling, the less the selling value of the facilities and commercial buildings you have. By implementing a maintenance management system for your facilities and commercial buildings, you can reduce the risk of loss. 

These risks include large amounts of funds that you have to spend if there is damage, fire, flooding, or total damage to commercial facilities and buildings. Therefore, maintenance management arrangements for commercial facilities and buildings are very important to do.

Tips on inspecting and maintaining commercial facilities and buildings

Before you implement a maintenance management system for building and commercial facilities, you must determine what parts need to be inspected and given maintenance. The following are some of the aspects that you need to monitor.

Auditing energy consumption

By conducting an audit on the energy use, you can determine what funds you have to spend. When conducting an audit, you should be able to review the building and determine what aspects you can reduce the costs. In this case, you must conduct a monthly audit so that it is regularly monitored.

In the use of energy, you can determine what costs can be saved. There are several things that can help you to save energy, such as replacing light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. You can also use an automatic light system, so the lights will turn off when no one is in the room. Moreover, improve the insulation around the doors, windows, and ceilings to lighten the work of the HVAC. 

Repairing damaged equipment and check power lines and alarms

If you don't repair damaged equipment for a long time, it could cause accidents to your commercial facilities and buildings. Check for a short circuit and if the alarm you have is working properly. The reason is, these alarms are important tools to find out if the building is in a dangerous situation.

You also have to perform audits for security purposes every month. This is very important to ensure that in carrying out maintenance on the commercial facilities and buildings that you have, there are no casualties. Make sure that you do monthly audits and have regular employee training in security to ensure that you are prepared for any unwanted disaster.

Reducing the risk of damage to buildings and pests

Damage to buildings can be caused by many things, including fires, floods, strong winds, to building structures that are not as strong as they used to be. For this, it will be very important if you carry out inspections and provide countermeasures as preventive measures and solutions to repair the building.

In addition, you should also check for any potential pests. The presence of pests such as rats and termites can damage your building. The presence of these pests also makes people who work in the building uncomfortable so that you will experience losses. Conduct a pest audit at least once a year using a professional service.

Step up your facility maintenance and audit with digital checklists

In conducting all the tips above, you can use software that is able to help you perform the facility audit properly. Equipped with the digital questionnaire, issue tracker, and inventory management features, Nimbly is here to make it easier for you to overcome challenges in managing various buildings and facilities.

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