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A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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Training - a Pillar of Retail Excellence at Delamibrands

September 22, 2022
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We had the chance to catch up with Derri Indrawan, Training Supervisor at Delamibrands and he shares how the brand ensures optimal training adoption for both new hires and existing employees. Established in 1979, Delamibrands is one of Indonesia's biggest apparel & fashion companies managing some of the most iconic brands in fashion in the country including The Executive, COLORBOX, et cetera, Wood, Lee, Le Coq Sportif, Tirajeans, Wood, Jockey, and Wrangler. With more than 300 stores across the nation, Delamibrands serves over 50 million consumers per year.

Training, learning and development is at the core of Delamibrands’ business. Nimbly is used as the robust infrastructure and technology that helps the brand support their learning and development goals aligned with the company’s focus on operational excellence and the best customer experience.

Derri’s Background

Q: Thanks so much for joining us today Derri, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a Training Supervisor at Delamibrands. I onboard new hires, and also run regular customer service training to existing employees. 

Main Goals and Objectives as a Training Supervisor

Q:  In your current role, what are some of your main goals and objectives? And what are some of the challenges you encounter?

It is my job to keep frontline employees engaged, motivated and productive through training. 

My main responsibility as a training officer is to empower our sales assistants to do their best work with the proper induction training and materials. Training is the pillar of retail excellence.

Currently, I am providing training for new employees and interns in the mornings, around 20 people at a time. And then later on in the day I focus on  training existing employees. 

Most of our training is now done online, and we have a repository of training videos and training material available at all times.

While with remote and online training we can create and scale training content quickly, and significantly quicken the onboarding time, there are three challenges that we face.

Firstly, interaction between myself and the trainees is hindered. Sometimes you simply cannot replace face to face training. We can have a fun ice-breaking session, for example, which is harder to do online.

The second challenge is the inconsistent internet connectivity in various locations. Finally, some of my team members have never even used Zoom or GMeet before. 

To address these challenges, we include offline training as part of the mix. For staff with weak internet connection, or inexperience in using Meeting platforms, I would suggest they go to our stores where they will get assistance.

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Training Materials

Q:  Can you elaborate what type of training you provide ?

As Delamibrands is operating in retail fashion , we are customer-facing. Therefore,  it is important that we deliver the best customer experience consistently. There are detailed SOPs  in place for store operations that are captured in the Nimbly app , and on-site staff are very clear what is expected of them down to the very details including: timely execution of new promotions, accurate placement of new signages and flawless execution of visual merchandising which are consistent across all stores.

Greeting customers and grooming are also important parts of our SOPs and training. Finally, SOP updates, or any changes related to anything from greetings to tools are communicated during training as well. 


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Success Tips as a Training Officer and Supervisor

Q: How would one be successful in your position?

To be successful we must be able to connect to the audience, in this case, the training participants, and ensure that the training material we deliver is clear, easily understood and absorbed. For best results, I do follow up sessions including offline ones. I also work closely with retail managers who provide follow up training in-store.

It is important to get feedback regarding these training sessions so we can continuously improve for the following batches. 

And finally, we need to ensure that the training material is always up to date and relevant. Delamibrands is constantly evolving with market demands, so we must be agile to adjust our training accordingly. Again, to achieve the very high retail standards we set for ourselves, Having a mobile-first platform like Nimbly has proven to be invaluable. Nimbly is very user friendly and our frontliners have no issues using it.

With updated, well-documented materials, including SOPs, it is much faster to train people on what to do and how to do it, with less reliance on experts.

All training content can be transformed into bite-sized mobile training material, which can be created and pushed out at scale to form personalized learning paths for our frontliners. 

We can create, update and scale training content very quickly while keeping them consistent and the assessments standardized.

And Nimbly’s real time, intuitive and detailed dashboards provide us with a fair way to assess Sales Assistants performance based on the training they have had. We can easily identify where further training is required and take immediate action. By gaining real-time insights on the impact of learning, we drive speedy improvement across the organization, and motivate our staff to deliver their best.

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