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Facility Maintenance

Experience excellence in every visit across your multiple properties. Streamline your operational processes, from cleanliness to safety and maintenance, and easily ensure consistent high quality that keeps guests coming back.
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Effortlessly Manage Every Facility Maintenance

Streamline all of your facility maintenance compliance across all of your properties with a smart digital routines tool, and monitor performance with ease through a real-time Dashboard Analytics.
Digital Routines→

Retain customers satisfaction with flawless operations

Ensure quick action to issues by automating issue resolution in every maintenance.
Case Management→

Make maintenance routine smarter by listening to customers

Listen to your customers' feedback about your properties and create an actionable plan for improvement. Gain valuable insights to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize operations.
Voice of Customer→

Ensure excellence with on-the-floor training

Make a lasting impact on your guests with world-class facilities that showcase your commitment to excellence. Equip your staff with the skills and knowledge to maintain impeccable conditions at all times.
Learning Management System→
“By using Nimbly, we optimize our multi-brand operations in numerous locations in different countries. With the solution, we are able to realize substantial cost and time savings."

Martin Darby

Managing Director of Express Food Group
increase in frontline productivity and efficiency to do their daily task.
"Dengan cekatan memberdayakan tim saya untuk menskalakan eksekusi dan pemantauan ritel kami, meningkatkan konsistensi, pertumbuhan penjualan, dan produktivitas."

Boy Pasaribu

Commercial Director of Delamibrands
time saved on store reporting
"Nimbly allows us to receive information and reports from outlets in real-time, making internal communication more efficient."

Andri Irawan

Operations Manager of Putien
of employee transportation costs saved due to overtime
"With Nimbly, we can easily accelerate our real-time verification efforts to support our sustainability goals. We gain clear, data-driven actionable insights and can provide instant feedback to suppliers to resolve issues as they arise."

Perpetua George

GM of Group Sustainability Wilmar International
increase in field assessment productivity
"Nimbly is critical in digitalizing our operations across the value chain. We are able to unlock significant operational cost savings and save 3,800 man-hours per year."

Roshan Dylan

Director of Prima Food Solutions
Compliance to FSSC 22000
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