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A Healthy Plate

The Challenges and Solutions to Food Safety in South-east Asia

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Why Whatsapp Might Not Be the Best Frontline Communication Tool

Desember 8, 2022
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It’s so easy to go with what we know, especially when it is  something habitual and something that works. There’s a saying that perfectly reflects this, which is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is particularly true when it comes to using personal messaging platforms like Whatsapp. These communication tools are the norm and so much a part of our daily lives, that it is understandable why it is also the main tool for communication with your staff or frontliners.

They already have the application most probably, meaning it is easy to use, and is cost effective.

Despite their convenience, personal messaging apps can make it harder to communicate with your frontline workers. Informal channels have the potential to compromise not only confidential information but also the entire organization

Here are the main issues when it comes to using platforms like WhatsApp as a frontline communication tool:.

Confidentiality Issues

Conversations and group messages pertaining to work are difficult to monitor when using personal messaging platforms like Whatsapp, especially when it is through personal devices. Data shared in these conversations, messages, videos, pictures for work-related purposes, can be stored on their phones, and even cloud storage and backup.

It can be difficult to monitor and manage confidentiality when this is the case, particularly with the high turnover of frontline workers in the food service and retail industries.

Communication Flow Issues

When work conversations and communication are through personal messaging apps, it can be difficult to relay new or important information in a streamlined and efficient way.

Say, there is a new promotion put in place. It would be difficult to share the rules and guidelines for said promotion, when it needs to be shared to different group chats. If there are any changes or updates to these guidelines that need to be implemented quickly (a few days or hours’ notice), it can be quite difficult to do when information workflow conversations are siloed.

It is especially important to have a streamlined process for communication when there are problems or issues that arise and need to be addressed. Flagging these issues and assigning them to the appropriate roles and personnel to handle can be inefficient using means such as Whatsapp. These can get lost in the chats, and status updates need to be highlighted manually. 


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Communication Tool for Frontliners

Investing in a dedicated professional communication tool for frontliners is essential for businesses who want to successfully compete in highly competitive and challenging industries such as retail and food service. The platform needs to be able to be easy to use, but provide more in terms of improving operational efficiency frontliners. Push notifications and the ability to attach photos or videos are a must. 

Issue resolution needs to be automated, with issue cards and alerts triggered if conditions for SOPs are not met. Ideally they can be tracked directly and in real-time to give all users access into the status updates of ongoing and unresolved issues.

Not only is it more secure, users who quit the app quickly lose access to it and any sensitive information, unlike personal chat services.

You also gain a degree of insight that you wouldn't otherwise have if you didn't have your own custom communications platform. You gain more understanding of how your front-line employees interact with the business and their coworkers through metrics like adoption rate, user activity, and comments.
Nimbly Technologies provides such a solution, allowing for frontline communication and operational execution and management. Analyze and view your data and reporting in real-time while ensuring information is relayed securely and to the intended recipient(s). Request for a free consultation to find out more.

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