Food & Beverage

Digital F&B Services Management in Real-Time

Ensure customers' dining experience quality with real-time visibility.


Evaluate F&B services management in real-time

Create a compelling customer experience by maintaining F&B Services SOP implementation.

Identify issues on food safety and service quality through completing digital audit checklists. Easily attach stock, photos and notes in your audit reports with Nimbly.


Execute inventory management online

Don’t let your customers face stockout and miss their favorite dishes.

Keep inventory management in check with Nimbly audit software, start increasing order value and customer satisfaction.


Monitor Food Safety & Restaurant Hygiene

To present safely prepared food and beverage is vital to the success of restaurant businesses.

Ensure food quality and safe practices implementation by assigning restaurant audits. Share audit reports and address issues instantly through Nimbly mobile app.

Food & beverage companies who love using Nimbly

Product Features

User-Friendly Interface

Step-by-step workflows enable easy & efficient restaurant inspections via mobile app.

GPS-Enabled Data

Get info and directions to outlet location. Record validated visits with the check-in/check-out feature.

Multimedia Attachments

Attach photos and videos to visually validate SOP compliance and complete hygiene checklist.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track and evaluate outlet analytics through Nimbly’s real-time dashboard.

Set Weekly Schedule

Schedule and prioritize restaurant chain visits within a personalised weekly schedule.

Customised Questionnaires

Create your own customised audit checklists to fit your unique F&B business needs.

Deep & Meaningful Insights

Gain visibility on data-driven store insights to increase sales opportunities and improve store performance.

Multi-language Platform

Select a preferred display language for your team.

Fully-Secured Database

Protect your data with a private and secure cloud database, admin privileges, gated log-ins and secure APIs.